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bear by san

March 2017



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it's not that i'm not threatened, it's just that i'm not surprised.

For only $19,900 (plus shipping) you too can own a mighty WurliTzer band organ.


Why yes, I am working on the devil ponies.


The perfect provider of mood music for, well, everything.
I grew up with an electronic Wurlitzer in the living room, replacing a base-model Thomas organ. I was never terribly good at playing it, but it was nice to have around... though I don't know if it was twenty-grand nice. (On the gripping hand, that's not much more than a comparable-quality piano.)

-- Steve remembers "walking" on the two octaves of pedals while learning Bach's "Toccata in D Minor". He's still amazed the neighbours never complained.
Oh, no, you misunderstand. This is a band organ.

It plays itself.
Nice. And 10 rolls thrown in -- a bargain!

It plays itself.

Where's the fun in that?

(I couldn't view the auction, because for some very strange reason the office firewall blocks eBay. Can't fathom why that'd be...)

-- Steve'll have to take a look when he gets home.
... and I just lost an hour and a half to looking at and reading about Wurlizters and carousels on the Internet. Wow. (Not my book! Not my research! I don't care, because shiny!)

I was always fascinated by the history of the huge Wurlitzer organ at Casa Loma in Toronto. I've never researched the smaller self-contained band organs before.
Pfah! That's nothing; you should see the rescued Wurlitzer church organ my father has in place of a garage.

Serious - the thing is enormous.

And seriously, as a teen I routinely got away with telling people they should come over to our house so my father could take them down into the basement and show them his enormous organ...

...oddly he never found it funny.

Seriously though, very cool, and a junior version of the antique hardware I grew up around.