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under a veil you must never lift....

Well, all around, this has been an exceptionally good day.  800 words on the devil ponies so far (and continuing), a very good run with the dog, and a yummy lunch of leftover curry goat from Anthony's, down on West Middle Turnpike, which I recommend for cheap, quick, and tasty Jamaican foods in town of Manchester.

Best tyop today: guess of honor

But that's not the best news. Because not only did I get my contrib copy of StarShipSofa Stories, the print anthology--

(Which, I must add, is TOTALLY AWESOME with the faux-vintage pre-distressed acid-washed cover and ads inside for Charles Atlas and mail-away baby salmonella factories turtles, and also gets you stories by Ken Scholes, Ken MacLeod, Gene Wolf, Peter Watts--oh, screw it, we're all awesome.

Ahem. *g*)

--but I am here to tell you that I have spent the last 24 hours or so confabbing with arcaedia and casacorona, and Tor will be publishing The Steles of the Sky and two sequels in the trilogy that probably needs a name now.

This is the story set in the same world as "Love Among the Talus" and Bone & Jewel Creatures, except about thirty years after the first and some five hundred years before the second. I'm totally, totally geeked about this--the project just keeps whispering in my ear, and I'm trying to tell it that we have two other novels and some short fiction to write first, and then I can give it all the love it deserves.

It's an epic fantasy in three volumes, spanning the cultures and empires of something not entirely unlike our own Central Asian Silk Road, and it features so much shiny I can't even beging to talk about without devolving into capslock and bangs. Nongols! Weather-witching with gunpowder! Magic ponies! Passive-aggressive martial monks! Impossible bowshots! Feats of bravery and derringdo! Stubbornest Princesses!

Vast, empty spaces and sky-hung mountains!

And I get to write it now. (Or anyway, once I have written Grail and A Reckoning of Men.)

...yeah, this is gonna rock.

(Also, this seems like a good time to debut my shiny new Steles of the Sky icon, because I can. That dude on the pony there? The really tiny one? That's Temur.)

Eeek! A book!
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