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bear by san

March 2017



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writing edda of burdens fenris wolf

and when i'm dead if you would tell them this

This is the spoiler-discussion post for All the Windwracked Stars and By the Mountain Bound. (Which comes out formally on Tuesday, but is probably out there already in some stores.)

If you want to talk about either or both books, this is your comment thread. Although please mark in comment titles which book you are spoiling, for those who have not read one or the other.

If you haven't read AtWS yet--dude, it has a sun-swallowing wolf and a giant telepathic steam-powered flying two-headed metal pony.

Where's your soul?



I finally read AtWS this week and it blew me away. I can't wait for BtMB.
Thank you!

Any questions?
Not really. I just saw this thread as a chance to express how much I liked it.

A while back, you and I had a bit of a conversation in comments about how your writing kinks really fit my reading kinks. This often results in my being utterly slain by your writing. AtWS had that effect in heaps. *love*

By the Mountain Bound isn't available yet anywhere here in Seattle that I've looked, so I'm waiting impatiently for Tuesday.
Well, I am very glad it worked for you--that book is quite dear to me. *g*
Not quite a spoiler, but I haven't picked up this series yet because I haven't figured out the reading order. If I am remembering right, there are 3 books in this universe? Do you have a recommended reading order?

I should have looked before I spoke. Because I was even more confused than I thought I was, as I was crossing universes and thinking of the short story collection that I haven't read. But thank you for the clarification. :)
It's not at B&N in Seattle yet. I just looked today! Grumble.

I just got AtWS from the library on Tuesday and am several chapters in--and I'm really enjoying it! In fact, I was reading it during commercial breaks when CM was on. *g* Must take it to work at the call centre tomorrow, since we're having a bit of wait time. I can read a fair bit in 3-5 minutes! Hmm. I suppose it would be rude of me to try and sneak some reading of it while I'm at the inservice at school tomorrow. *sigh*
If you haven't read AtWS yet--dude, it has a sun-swallowing wolf and a giant telepathic steam-powered flying two-headed metal pony.

I very nearly snarfed something I had not been drinking for ten whole minutes at this comment, and will remedy this gap in my reading soon. :D
My soul is held hostage by my lack of job. But those covers call me, so I'll get these books eventually.
My soul is in an iron chest, buried with a murdered virgin in an unmarked grave on unhallowed ground. It is watched over by a cat who wears a human face and eats only pickled herring and lamb's livers.

That said, I really enjoyed AtWS.
Mwahahaha. My powers work even on the soulless!

(And you're not supposed to ANSWER that question, you know.)
You're just not supposed to answer it *honestly*. :)

That's actually the directions to where I hid Nick Cave's moustache after I swiped it from his hiding place. Soon, Nick Cave's powers will be MINE!

(Seriously, Nick, the porn stache has to go.)
Not yet at any of the local bookstores I visited (grumble mutter I'll just have to go back). Not that the to-read stack has gotten any shorter (bloody undergrad), and not that I have the time to read it (bloody undergrad), but, y'know, Thanksgiving break is coming up soon...
Well, technically speaking it's not actually due out until Tuesday.


Don't think this is spoilery for either book

Just wanted to let you know that I read BtMB tonight and really enjoyed it (for values of enjoy = that was a punch in the gut, let's read it again!) I especially liked the resonance of the next-to-last section with the beginning of AtWS, with Muire's POV instead of the narrated POV.

Is it wrong that I kept thinking of Mingan and Kit the same way, that so much of what they tried to do twisted back on them?

Can't wait to clear a day and read them both straight through.

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Re: Don't think this is spoilery for either book

Thank you! Thta made my evening.

Spoilers for both

Just finished the book and I really liked it--it was interesting getting the divided perspective on what we saw only through Muire's memories in AtWS. I'd totally agree that it's not a book about Strifbjorn, and it's not really about Muire either, I'd say, but about Mingan. Which makes me think that the third book will be about Strifbjorn/Cathoair. Not to mention Heythe returning. And Mingan didn't actually kill the Imogen, which seems to me to be an oversight that may come back to haunt him.

Ah, Mingan. I agree with the unicorn, that he was innocent in the beginning, and it just breaks my heart to think of him getting everything so consistently wrong despite that.

I remember reading somewhere in your LJ that you didn't think there was any particular reason for Cathoair to forgive. Are Cathoair and Mingan going to have an attempt to atone, or to gain redemption, for what they've done in TSTM, or am I thinking about the moral/ethical framework of the books the wrong way?

Re: Spoilers for both

Redemption, forgiveness, and atonement are rather Christian ideals, and don't necessarily slot well into the Norse worldview. But there is certainly some discussion of that topic in TStM.


Cultural diversity is fun!

Poor wolfboy. He was doing his best, but he hadn't been raised up devious.

Suffice it to say, since then, he's learned.