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bear by san

March 2017



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they do the mash

So that thing I said about my street doing it up for Halloween?

20090406 005

20090406 002

20090406 007

20090406 012

20090406 009

And here's out house, which still needs pumpkins and cobwebs:

20090406 004


When I was a kid everyone in the historic (expensive) district of our small town would get crazy-done-up for Halloween, and then all the kids from the surrounding areas would converge there. It was like a 25-square-block party.

One of my fondest memories is of an old woman on one corner who would do up her front rooms like a haunted house and then come to the door as an utterly silent, evilly staring witch. The first time my little sister saw that door creeeeeak slooooowly ooooopen she was halfway across the yard before I could blink, running for her life.

There was also a guy with a 12-foot-tall animatronic Frankenstein's monster in his yard, wired with a loudspeaker which he used to heckle passersby. Halloween was SRS BSNS for these folks. :D
Target is now carrying ceramic carved pumpkin lookalikes. I thought these were just for those afraid of maiming themselves while making pumpkin art, but I can see where they'd suit that sort of quick-decay situation.
I always carve mine just before the day. They're more effective for the purpose fresh.
Wow, I want to go trick-or-treating on your street. We're trying to figure out where to take our 3 yo. Neighborhood intelligence suggests that kids go to the mall or something these days. PITIFUL. Disapproving cat disapproves.

I did see a ginormous (srsly, maybe 12 foot) spider in someone's yard today. they had a little sign that said "Beware of Spider." It was great.
We are not the quickest neighborhood in town. A house across the street still had their xmas decor up, lights on the tree out front, the works.
Very cool! I just last night finally got ours put up. NO cool pictures though. Happy Halloween!