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One hundred pages is twenty-five thousand words.

Bah. I just looked at my wordcount for yesterday (It was a new eBear record: a little over 6K, and the best I've ever done before was about 5) and my wordcount for the past seven days.

I am totally entitled to blow off Stratford Man for a few days while we put the YA thing to bed. Besides, I need to do some reading and research for Act V, and let my brain refill.

Boy, it's nice to be able to type "Act V."

I think it's time for some Stratford Man stats:


Prologue: 2.5 pages
Act I: 153 pages
First Chorus: 1.5 pages
Act II: 292 pages
Second Chorus: 3 pages
Act III: 228 pages
Third Chorus: 5 pages
Act IV: 235 pages
Fourth Chorus: 4.5 pages
Act V: ???
Epilogue: ???

Counting notes, fronting material such as the author's note and two pages from Stubbes, and partial scenes tacked on to the end, the entire manuscript is 933 pages. And I feel very on target to bring it in around 1,100-1,200 pages. Or the ~300,000 words I estimated it might run, back when I was estimating in June or July. Before I revised my estimate downward to 250K or so.

I've been working on writing the novel (instead of researching or thinking-out) since June 10th, which is 122 days. I've averaged a little over seven pages a day. (More proof for my oft-repeated mantra: one or two pages a day is a novel in a year.)

Best day so far, 4,195 words. Worst day (and there were several) 0 words.

It really boggles my mind that my dead reckoning was that good when working on something this much larger than anything I've written before. I seem to have the gene for dead-reckoning of manuscript length, because I've been getting it about right since my second completed non-juvenilia novel, The Sea thy Mistress, which is an itty bitty little thing.

When I finish Stratford Man, I am buying a copy of Sim Zoo and playing stupid computer games for at least five days.

Right now, I'm going to go play Sim City instead. *g*

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