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they hold me as i hold this train

The GRD and I just got back from a great big walk--about five miles along the Laurel Marsh Trail, which is tucked into a bit of swampland in the corner between I-84, I-384, and West Middle Turnpike in Manchester. We saw all sorts of things, although only four other monkeys--a hiker, a jogger, and a father with a little girl. We also met two garter snakes (both of which we nearly stepped on), a suspicious turtle, three hawks, a great blue heron, and a !!!squirrel!!!--but did not get photos of those last.

The Laurel Marsh Trail runs, as you might expect, through the Laurel Marsh, which is part of the Hockanum River wetlands.

It was a beautiful day for a walk. The maples are nearly over--only a few are still holding on to their leaves after yesterday's rain--but the oak trees are incredible this year. Often they just go sort of a dingy brown, but this year we have reds, oranges*, russets, and olives. Not as bright as the maples, but very rich, lovely tones nonetheless.

Sadly, we also got to get up close and personal with some of Connecticut's exciting invasive species, including oriental bittersweet and phragmitis. I also found this interesting plant, which I do not know the name of.

20090406 034

Happy October.

*Yes, the sky really is that color. Don't you wish you lived here?
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