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i'm sick of fighting even though i know i should

I have returned from the Borough of Manhattan, having taken it by storm in much the same manner as the Duchy of Grand Fenwick did*, which is to say slipped in and out largely without notice or comment. However, while I was there, it occurred to me that many of my correspondents probably don't actually live close enough to Manhattan to regard it as a nice place for a walk and a neighbor that throws pretty good parties, so  I took some pictures and stuff.

So  I present--a virtual walk down Fifth Avenue. Or at least the bottom bit of it.

We begin in Grand Central Station:

20090406 062

20090406 001

20090406 003

20090406 004

Green roof for leahbobet:

20090406 006

20090406 007

20090406 008

Manhattan's famous watertowers:

20090406 012

20090406 013

20090406 014

20090406 016

Target acquired:

20090406 018

20090406 019

20090406 021

The throbbing chrome and gunmetal madhouse of Tor Central:

20090406 026

A gathering of The Gathering Storm. (My launch day kind of got over... Shadowed.)

20090406 028

Your Correspondent in the schmancy steampunk elevators of the Flatiron Building:

20090406 031

After lunch, the walk continues:
20090406 035

It's not a photo of Manhattan without a blurry yellow cab in the foregraound:

20090406 032

Fashion: City people do it differently:

20090406 036

Washington Square, at last. Hey, do I know this  guy?

20090406 038

20090406 042

These two are for stillsostrange:

20090406 056

20090406 050

And here's a bonus photo of the Stonewall memorial, because I like it:

20090406 053

Oh, and here's a cute photo of me La Datlow took at the reading, just because.  This one is not so cute, but totally in character.

That was a good walk.

And now I have to clean this house. I am blowing off climbing tonight, on grounds of Le Tired, but that doesn't excuse me from firing the missiles.

*I read that book when I was young enough that my major remembrance of it is having been amused that the Grand Duchess adored pomegranates, which I also loved, and this was long enough that the supermarket clerks still looked at you funny when you bought them.
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