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step on a crack. break your momma's back.

So, as threatened, I made Sean Craven's Chili Dog Casserole (Otherwise known as the Casserole of Horrors) for the Practice Halloween tonight. And because I know you don't get enoug horror in your life, and it is Halloween...

I'm photoblogging it.

First, I show the victims the implements:

20090406 002

20090406 001

Sliced, browned Ball Park hot dogs with a light dressing of Grey Poupon (only the best for my friends!):

20090406 003

Then, we begin the process...

20090406 004

20090406 005

Hey, it doesn't seem to want to come out of the can:

20090406 006

"Pardon me, but would that happen to be dog food?"

20090406 007

20090406 008

20090406 009

Don't say I didn't warn you:

20090406 010

20090406 011

20090406 012

I know what this needs to complete it! Melted Tonka Truck!

20090406 013

Now to get the lingering Doritos even smaller...

20090406 014

20090406 015

My grandmother's casserole pan has seen many horrible things... but this san check, it fails. Did you know that Velveeta will not sprinkle?

20090406 016

20090406 017

You know what would absolutely be the piece de resistance? fresh Italian parsley from my own garden! (still somehow holding on out there...)

20090406 020

Yummo! Okay, here we go....

20090406 021 you know what to tell Poison Control.
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