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researchers grow a beating heart

Death to daylight savings!

The sun is back to rising at a reasonable hour, making it that much easier to get up when I should. Although that was not made easy this morning, as I am tired with the aftermath of what wound up being a twenty-four hour party, albeit a very low key one. (We had a sleepover, as it was too far for several people to drive home last night.)

Party, Day 2, turned out to be a good idea, as most of the leftovers were dispensed with. And trick-or-treater turnout was good.

I had a good time: I hope everybody else did too.

Today is a reading day, once dog outs and yoga are accomplished (the dog may get taken for a run a little later). One month until the scheduled start of work on Grail, and I'm not any wise ready for it. Hopefully, thirty-one days will make a difference.

Anyway, time to get a move on, now. I'm sure the dog wants out.
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