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bear by san

March 2017



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So I managed to get The Jeff, TBRE and me lost on Soapstone Mountain today in the dark with the full moon and the werewolves and grues hunting us through the darkening woods.

Our three hour six mile hike turned into a twelve mile hike, and would have been longer except for the kindness of a stranger who rescued us.

My feet hurt now.

Silly bear.

The view was nice, though.


I am glad you did not all become B-movie monster chow.
Can we call you Gilligan now?
The full moon on the first of November, on a mountainside? Sounds exciting! And you and my husband should team up. He loves to get hiking parties lost at twilight.
I'm glad you're home safe and not eaten by a grue! I have been mainlining Supernatural and probably would have had a heart attack from sheer fright in a similar situation.
You could have asked me for directions. You would still be lost.
See, I really was lost on a mountain! Would I mislead you?
i don't know how.. it's such a small state.


Sounds very familiar. The best part is always when there's a sign that says "Cherry Creek 2.1 miles" and Cherry Creek is where you started ... only they mean that in 2.1 miles there will be a *trail* that *leads* to Cherry Creek.
Oh dear - glad you got back safely. Getting lost is easily done - even the best navigators end up on the wrong summit sometimes.
I'm glad you escaped the grues and I hope the sore feet feel better soon.

This going dark thing is such a problem. My sore feet last week were from doing a 10 mile hike. A 10 mile hike would have been fine if I could have ambled along. Except I forgot that the clocks had gone back the night before and so I had an hour less than I thought!
I'm sure they'll all forgive you when *their* feet stop hurting.

Glad you made it back without having to be rescued by search parties!
Yikes! I'm glad it all turned out well in the end.