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bear by san

March 2017



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and with darkness, the ice weasels come.

So, both of my second toenails are turning black and falling off (the left one, sadly, has not yet reached the stage where it stops hurting and accepts its death), my eyes hurt, and I spent most of the day paying bills, filling out job aps for the kind of part time jobs that offer some kind of health benefits, and advance-grocery-shopping for Thanksgiving.

That, and I kind of sucked on ice climbing tonight. (Five routes, two of which I said "fuckit" on and rainbowed, one I couldn't send, and two I have climbed before. La.)

But I have a new gig writing book reviews for Realms of Fantasy, and that sounds like it's going to be a whole heck of a lot of fun.

And I've set a date for starting work on Grail. Sunday morning, because I am getting antsy about not having a project going. It's kind of like not being a real writer, when the real writing isn't happening.


What is that from? Love is Hell? I recognize the reference, but can't place it...

You're good.

I always have to correct the scansion on it, though. *g*
My biggest sympathies about the toes. That hurts far more than it should.
Huzzah on the column! Welcome to RoF!
Hmmm. I review paranormal erotic romance for Romantic Times.

I wonder if we'll ever be given the same book to review...

On some of them, for your sake, I hope not.
*g* I have right of refusal, thank God.
Don't be afraid to use it!
Boo! Neato! And so on.
See, as a dancer, I knew you would appreciate the toes.
Congrats on the new gig!
Welcome to the dark side. ;)
Hey, can you drop me an e mail? I has a question for you and am not sure of your current email addy. *g*
...are you gonna be (like) the Simon Cowell of the SFF book review world?
Sympathies on the toes and the poorly eyes - good luck with the jobhunting.