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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid matthew 24:2

Thank you, Han Solo Rossi.

Criminal Minds 05x05, "The Eyes Have It," written by Oahn Ly, directed by Glenn Kershaw

Fear the melon baller! Also, does every town have a store with a sign that says "coldest beer in town"?

How is it possible that Shemar Moore has become more gorgeous? Is this a trend? When he's 90, will he be hotter than everything else in the universe combined, instead of merely the hottest single thing on Planet Earth? (Although AJ is giving him a run for his money currently. The hair-up thing does wonderful things for her neck.)

(Okay, that was my shallow for the week...okay, probably not.)

Predictable quote is predictable! And Reid is a sesquipedalian. And everybody is trying out their new vocabulary word. ("Use the word enucleate in a sentence!" Next week, degloving injuries.)

Morgan sounds so pleading. "JJ, you're with me.") Also? Loving Garcia's beehive. Garcia, in fact, is also growing more gorgeous by the episode. I think every outfit and hairstyle this week is a winner.

Eyes wilting! Like flowers. And Reid is always serious. (Bear Grylls is the UNSUB!)

"I got a bad feeling about this guy."

Reid realizes the Awful Troof! Drink! (Hey, she did.)

Morgan is back in the soot! My god, responsibility turns him back into First Season Morgan!

Nice parallel structure with JJ's press conference and the profile presentation.

Morgan, listen to Hotch and Rossi. They are old and wise. Also, if you think Penelope is not on to you... oh honey.

And the UNSUB is sleeping at work, like Hotch and Morgan. And

...Okay, that was notes as watched. More seriously, though, there's a lot of thematic work here with sight, with seeing and missing things, with binoculars, eyes, nightvision, blindness, pepper spray... yeah, you get it. Interesting that they caught the UNSUB while he was still evolving, working toward his eventual goal, perfecting the fantasy, as it were--to crefining his tools and claiming the eyes while the victim was still living. (I wonder what he did to incapacitate her, or did I miss it?)

The eyes have it, after all. The profilers' eyes as much as the victims--it's all about what our heroes see and notice, isn't it?

And of course, that leads us to the character development, which I think is the best thing about this episode. Morgan and Hotch swapping roles is lovely, and Hotch seems much more relaxed and in control than he has since the proverbial hit the turbine. But then there's all this stuff about what people don't see--We haven't seen Morgan so comfortable in his role before, but he wears in charge like it was cut for him--even up to and including the politics, w hich it turns out he's not bad at, at least at first blush. We don't see the machinations of JJ and Penelope behind the scene, but they make an enormous difference to everyone.

Oahn Ly's episodes always seem to have an undercurrent of focus on class issues ("Catching Out" being the chiefest among those) but this one in particular does some nice things with presenting non-mainstream religious viewpoints not as a freakshow but just as part of the spectrum of America. It may be just a tad too earnest, but better to fall on that side of the line than the other.

Hotch is still trying to sacrifice himself for his team (he'll give Morgan his office) but his team needs him to be Hotch, even if he's not in charge, and part of that is him having that space. And the team is capable: they can make things so that Hotch keeps his office and Morgan gets one too, because they are just that powerful. (Although I wonder a little there at the thematic isolation of Morgan from everybody else. Where is his new office geographically? Away from the bullpen, I'm guessing, at least a little, which symbolically sets him apart from the team. As the thing with Tamara is also doing--he's keeping secrets from Penelope, even. Which makes me uncomfortable.)

And I'm still wondering what Strauss is driving at.

Emily cracking up over Morgan and Hotch role-swapping, however, may have been the highlight of the whole damned episode for me. Even if she was Sir Not Appearing In This Episode, mostly.


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Huh, I completely forgot about writing a reaction post for this episode. Mostly I think because it was solid -- did what it needed to do at this point in the plot arc very nicely, Themes without Anvils, all the good stuff CM does so well.

I agree, best part of the episode is Emily's little "oh boys" smile at Hotch and Morgan. That was fantastically cute.
Yeah. It's easy to underestimate both how hard it is to write a good transition episode, and how necessary they are. because they may not be stunning of themselves, but the stunning payoffs don't work without the piles and piles of setup.
Oh, boy! I was looking forward to your notes as I watched this episode. And it took me a while before I remembered what you were referring to when you wrote re: "non-mainstream religious viewpoints". I am suffering from gooey-brain today, but it--IMHO--speaks to how subtly it was worked in.
I don't squick easily, but the eyeball/egg scene made my stomach roll. So did the eye cutting scene. (Did you notice that the eye scooping tools the unsub was making were getting better and better? Ew.)

The kids are def. watching out for Mom, Uncle, and Big Brother. Maybe Big Brother can tell Mom to go home and sleep now?

Em's "role reversal? what role reversal?" little smile was perfect.

As I said below, who the hell eats hardboiled eggs with a fork?
I didn't find the minority-religion thing particularly heavy-handed or weird -- but, then, I come from a tradition that ALSO puts a premium on bodies being put to rest intact. "She saw her ghost" was maybe a little over-earnest, but overall it seemed well-done to me.

I was very seriously Not Watching a lot of the screen this time around, because ew.

Also, as soon as we got the first victim, I was making incoherent noises and pointing at the shelf with the graphic novels. When I managed to get out "They did that in Sandman," eternaleponine immediately said, "Yeah, the Corinthian." I couldn't remember his name, but dear God I could visualize the damn PANELS.
Yup. But it's not the Corinthian. It's something even creeepier. EATING eyeballs is way too predictable. (and who the hell eats hardboiled eggs with a fork?)

His victims are watching him!

(I thought the actress playing the dead girl's sister was awesome--her little distressed "m" was the sort of noise real people make and actors don't. But the dialogue they gave her was just a little too on the nose to ring true for me.

Still, A for effort.)

Edited at 2009-11-05 05:02 am (UTC)
My first thought, re: eye degeneration was the ubiquitous grape metaphor. (I kept having flashbacks to Alias's incident with using a spork to remove an eyeball during the melon baller of doom scene)

Now more members of the team have offices than those who do not (Reid & Prentiss). I think Morgan's office is down the hall a bit, like Garcia's is? I don't remember if it actually is, but that's how it seemed to me.

Dave, how many cases have you had a good feeling about?
Maybe he's over next to JJ.

Reid and Prentiss will be shooting the spitballs and the seltzer rockets across the bullpen. You see if they don't.
Yes. The teenagers and the married couple. Eeeeek.
commercial break here - right after they've mentioned retinitis pigmentosa. which is what my mother and aunts had.

Reid and Prentiss are going to have to huddle together for warmth all by themselves in the bullpen now. Or maybe just in my fevered shippy imaginings. It's kind of a bummer that they're splitting up the Three Musketeers like that, though.

I did love Hotch's "heh" smile after taking down the UNSUB alone and Morgan got on his ass about it. It was like hey, I'm not the boss anymore, looks like Tackling Duties are mine now, boy! I wanna see Hotch tackle a van and a train and stuff.
Hotch tackles.... a HELICOPTER. Like Jackie Chan, only taller.
(I wonder what he did to incapacitate her, or did I miss it?)

He headbutted her senseless.

Also, this is your fault. I'd have never watched this show if it weren't for you.
I kept thinking the whole episode about Morgan's story from "The Popular Kids."

Also, I loved all the people who weren't the focus of this episode, in pretty much every scene they were in.
I thought the whole thing was a bit too Morgan-centric for me. Aside from Hotch and maybe JJ, the everyone else was Team-Not-Appearing-In-This-Episode. *is waiting impatiently for MGG to heal so there can be more Reid*

I think what bothered me about Morgan was his over-empathizing with the victim's families. Hotch and JJ can deal with them with a certain amount of sympathetic detachment, but Morgan *connects*. Which is a good quality in a team member, but less than helpful in a unit chief.

Hotch is still obsessing over Foyet and has a bit of a death wish, I think. Taking on an unsub alone? Having a 'hold my gun and watch this moment'? Death wish. EDIT: His pointing out Morgan's habit of tackling *anything* was pretty damn hilarious, though.

The unsub's comment to JJ at the end was creepy as all fuck.

Oh, and there's something big going on with Strauss and the higher ups. *wonders if it is related to the possible CM spin-off that has been rumored*

As a general note, I love how Reid is Info-Dump Man!, even as the writers seamlessly make it part of his character.

Edited at 2009-11-05 07:36 am (UTC)
The unsub's comment to JJ at the end was creepy as all fuck.

Yeah, but I don't think she was as creeped out by it as Morgan thought she was.
I want to tell Reid that the only thing creepier than enucleation is seeing how excited he gets about it. (Well, that and degloving injuries. We've already had degloving injuries on this show, so I vote we don't need to do that again.)

I note they didn't treat Strauss like an evil scheming witch this episode. Otoh there was a faint implication that maybe 'everyone is rooting' for Morgan because 'they' want him, not Hotch, to stay in command. Rossi offers anvilicious foreshadowing about Morgan's future career as leader, which makes me wonder if they're actually intending to use Morgan as a seed for that spinoff thing I heard vague rumours about a while ago. But I've been avoiding anything that's even remotely a spoiler, so I don't know if that's even still on the cards.

The unsub's last attack seemed sloppy. Blitzing was working well for him; I don't see any benefit to taking the eyes out while she's still alive (in fact it seems like it increases the risk of damaging them).

Oh Morgan. Flirting with a woman to put her off the trail of the fact that you're seeing someone you shouldn't be seeing just ain't classy. (But the light-flashy betentacled oval creature in the drawer is made of awesome.)
First of all, thank you so much, programming pixies at A&E, for putting on "Lucky" as the 7:00 rerun last night. While I was cooking (and yet I kept it on anyway.) And then this. Dismemberment does not come tops on my list, but it's pretty far up there.

I beat Rossi to the Han Solo punch, only I was saying at minute 5-ish about Morgan and Tamara. It's really nice right now, if kind of boring, but the present of the necklace rubbed me the wrong way. I think Penelope is going to turn out to be Cassandra in this case.

Loved in-charge Morgan, especially when he cannot go to the crime scene like he wants and takes it, and realizes "Oh dear. Hotch has taken over my tackling duties." He now knows *exactly* how Big Damn Hero stuff feels from the other side. (Devious Garcia/JJ are devious and awesome.)

We all assume (well, I do) Hotch has slept at work, but I would note he has never been caught at it. Rookie mistake, Morgan. But as Cassandra the Tech Goddess notes, even without the weight of paperwork, Hotch is still there. Uh-oh.
Still there, working on the Reaper case.

Notice how the team doesn't mythologize other killers with a nickname, but Foyet is special? They're going to have to get past that--giving him the psychological advantage.
Bah, I haven't seen this episode yet thanks to a Go!Local!Sports!Team! thing (damn you Phillies!), but it sounds decent. My dad doesn't like sports and was downstairs apparently watching it, and he came up and was all annoyed with the current inter-team issues. He thinks that if they don't stop this ZOMG Who's In Charge stuff soon, it'll ruin the show. Once I watch it and decide that it'll be fine once everything goes back to normal, I'll have to debate him on that.

The whole Garcia-knows-what's-best-but-Morgan-doesn't-listen-and-lies-to-her-because-of-it stuff really does bother me though... he (almost) never keeps secrets from her...
How is it possible that Shemar Moore has become more gorgeous? Is this a trend? When he's 90, will he be hotter than everything else in the universe combined

I thought he'd lost some serious weight, myself. Maybe it was just the change from tshirts to suitcoats that made him look thinner, and not necessarily in a good way. Or maybe this is the result of his off-season bike crash (wasn't there a bike crash?).
He broke his leg, and was or is in a walking cast, but I get the impression it hasn't slowed him down much*.

*I suspect this may have some effect on the Hotch Tackles, Morgan Drives plotline. Because Hotch hasn't been this action-heroey since S1. I've kind of missed Badass Hotch, personally.

I was thinking more that he looked more poised, and that his face is refining itself as he ages. He looks more like himself to me.

Edited at 2009-11-05 01:54 pm (UTC)
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