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i'm holding my plastic gun

I dunno if last night was a good climbing night or not, but it wasn't a bad one. I decided it was going to be a night of doing things I was pretty sure I couldn't do--mostly 5.9s I've failed on before--because this is a brilliant plan when you have a heel blister and two broken toenails, but are determined to climb anyway.

Anyway, fell off the first 5.9 a lot--it's a tricky vertical on a smooth wall that's all side-pulls, pinches, and high steps. But I did get about half of it climbed, and I will come back and work on it some more. Then  I fell off a 5.9 and a 5.9+ on the side wall in the front room--both consecutively and concurrently, as I tried to rainbow it, too, and that didn't work. Better luck next time.

I wanted to work on a 5.9 on my favorite wall, but the rope was busy everytime I looked, so instead I went and worked on a 5.8 I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get, as the top half of it is really seriously overhung and there's one very, very big move at the top. But I got it! Only climb I finished all night, unless you count the 5.6 I did just to practice my footwork.

I then went and tried another 5.9 (the green one with the serious barn door issues) that I've gotten once or twice but cannot do consistently.  By then, my feet hurt too much to do much with it, alas. So I called it a night.

Pretty good climbing, all in all, however. Pretty good climbing. I feel like I'm getting my stamina back after the time off due to VP and sickness. It's amazing how long it takes to reclaim what was effortless.

And not going again until Tuesday, so my poor feet can recuperate a little. Today, I think I might do an hour or so of yoga and then go for a nice swim, or just curl up with a book and nap. Recovery days are important too. And my ankle needs icing. And there are blackberry scones that need to be baked.
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