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how could it come to this? i'm really worried about living.

I ordered tea from Upton on Tuesday, and it arrived today, as tea from Upton will. (They're only one state over, you see.)

Anyway, I am usually immune to the temptations of fancy display teas, but this one struck my whimsy, and lo, I did order it.

While I was unpacking the rest of the tea, I infused a cup.

It starts like this:

20090406 005

And at first, it floats

20090406 014

but once the hot water (a little below boiling) is added, it begins to ooze bobbles and uncoil its tender tentacles:

20090406 017

until it sinks, and uncoils, revealing the "butterfly" and flower within.

20090406 038

It looks like Cthulhu, and it's quite tasty. The liquor has an aroma reminiscent of artichokes*, of all things, and grass clippings, and the flavor is floral/green tea and only slightly astringent. Quite nice, and I will save the rest of the tin to impress guests with and serve it in nice big wine goblets.

The whole photoset is here.

*it took me most of the cup to place the aroma.
Tags: almost but not entirely unlike tea, loose tea for loose women, tea

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