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Finished a draft of the leatherman story this morning, about 3K total and about 2.5K today.

I hate it.

This seems to happen more and more with me with short stories lately: I finish them, and they instantly become awful. This one actually became awful before I had finished it. But it's finished. I even think it works, in that it's a story with arc and resolution and all that stuff. I just hate it. I dunno. It's all obvious and stuff, and I'm deeply disappointed in it for not being as cool as it was in my head.

Then again, maybe my stuff needs to be more obvious to sell. Eh. I'll get back to you on how it is when I don't hate it as much.

Meanwhile, rough draft of the YA thing is done, and I don't hate that at all. So that's something. And I got about 650 words on SM, which will probably wind up being discarded, along with the 1750 I got yesterday.

I think I'm having an I Quit week. *g* Or possibly the suckmonkey is just working overtime today.

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