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bear by san

March 2017



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leighton pavonia

we bad.

So far today I have:

  • taken the dog out and thrown his ball for him
  • put away the massive tea shipment that arrived yesterday
  • made tea
  • drunk some of same
  • slowly and mindfully eaten two thirds of a very good muffin (paying attention while eating good food: best meditation available!) (although I like to think other parts of me are enjoying the food even when the ego is checked out)
  • washed a load of dishes
  • kneaded two loaves of bread and put one in the freezer
  • set the other one to rise

It's 7:35.

I am about to yoga, shower, dress, put my wrist braces on and write at least six pages.

I think I may need to sleep all afternoon, or the virtue around here just might rise to toxic levels. Or possibly that was all a catwax of epic proportions.

...but the cats are so shiny now. And if I hadn't made bread there would be nothing for supper!


A good morning! (... which I meant as commentary, but it could be a salutation, too: "a good morning [to you]!")

Toxic levels of virtue are no good--I hear there are detectors you can install in your basement that will beep when the levels get too high, but those things cost 20 bucks!
Catwaxing is okay if it's righteous catwaxing.
And now I have started laundry, answered a bunch of email, and eaten the red meat I was craving, probably as a response to all this climbing overhangs.

...no words yet.
Okay, that does it. Butt in chair, missy. (I will if you will. O.O)
I don't care what it smells like! Get in there!
407 words, another pot of tea made, another load of laundry in the washer, and veggies roasted for green enchilada sauce.

Come on, Bear! Another 1500 words!
You can do it!!!

I only have a net gain of 50 words, but I figured out two nice fixes. So, yay!
Would you please share some of that virtuposity? 'cause I'm completely out (nearly out of spoons as well) and there's so much stuff I need to get done...