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we bad.

So far today I have:

  • taken the dog out and thrown his ball for him
  • put away the massive tea shipment that arrived yesterday
  • made tea
  • drunk some of same
  • slowly and mindfully eaten two thirds of a very good muffin (paying attention while eating good food: best meditation available!) (although I like to think other parts of me are enjoying the food even when the ego is checked out)
  • washed a load of dishes
  • kneaded two loaves of bread and put one in the freezer
  • set the other one to rise

It's 7:35.

I am about to yoga, shower, dress, put my wrist braces on and write at least six pages.

I think I may need to sleep all afternoon, or the virtue around here just might rise to toxic levels. Or possibly that was all a catwax of epic proportions.

...but the cats are so shiny now. And if I hadn't made bread there would be nothing for supper!
Tags: catwaxing, displacement activity, quotidiana

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