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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia technopeasant

in your underwear typing

813 words. 981 to goal.



I did finally find out what the garlic was for, though.
Oh the earworm.

The spousal unit and I found ourselves having to explain the offhand phrase 'eaten by a grue' to a much younger person recently.
*nearly dies*

Where has this man been all my life? Thank-you!

and cue the fountains of gratitude

you realize, of course, that thanking you for richly embroidering my world is becoming a bit of a habit? Perhaps "richly embroidering" is a bit purple for a white boy rap song, but it felt apropos.

and, because I haven't said it yet, consider the silken carpets of my endless thanks rolled before your deserving feet anew. I just finished BtMB. My knees are still quaking.

Re: and cue the fountains of gratitude

yay! So glad it worked out for you.

There's a spoiler post a week or so back if you want to talk about it.

Re: and cue the fountains of gratitude

It was actually that spoiler that made me so *very* furious/fascinated/overjoyed when I started AtWS, because it was the one book of yours that I hadn't read yet. I have no idea why. So when I read the spoiler, fell madly deeply truly, and then went to AtWS before re-starting BtMB, I just felt *betrayed* somehow, that I knew how it ended and then how it started. While I admired the beauty of the cycles...or are they layers...I also resented it. I sympathize with your post on when to publish and in what order. After reading both of them, there IS no order and yet there IS an order. Now I wouldn't have wanted to read them any other way. You took me to that horrid frozen battlefield and had it make sense in the moment. Even though I knew it was coming, I didn't resent the teleology, which, for a historian, is pretty incredible.
A note on characters: I think it is a particular, irritating, and gorgeous gift of yours that you seem to be incapable of creating a character I can't like. somehow. or at least with whom I can identify. I could even understand Sigrdrfia. It was mostly pity, which makes me want to bite, but there was empathy, which is more like tasting.
Muirne. Thank you for her. Thank you. And the Wolf. And the valraven, which I was (honestly) a bit skeptical about. You showed me another side to the mind melded/familiar character that made so much more sense. These are independent, sentient beings. Of course they have lives of their own and don't simply wait around for their partners (although they do leave a channel open for when they call). I always wondered if Ramoth ever got up to anything when Lessa wasn't looking...

ok, enough mini-novel in comments now.

Re: and cue the fountains of gratitude

Well, thank you.

I try not to write characters I can't understand and empathize with, even if I can't sympathize with them. Which gets a little sticky around the sociopaths sometimes (Whiskey is hard to write, because he is, after all, a bit, well, malevolent.)

And I to wondered if Ramoth got up to anything when Lessa wasn't looking. I always hoped so. She deserved a subject position of her own.

(I do try to consider everybody's subject position when writing them. Maybe that's it.)

Re: and cue the fountains of gratitude

Yes, I can see that about Whiskey. But just attractive enough to counter repulsion. For me at least.
So I was standing in the shower this morning (where I do all my best thinking...go figure) and suddenly *facepalm* realized that perhaps what you were doing was reminding readers in the niftiest way possible that it's not always all about the destination. We knew where you were taking us, so it became a story about how we got there rather than discovery of the end result, yes? Perhaps this is a *duh* moment on my part; it feels difficult to discuss this without sounding like a cliche...So was this was a very nice way to trick us into really concentrating on place and person as much as plot arc? If so, yes. it worked. I loved it, resented it, and wanted to savor it.

Re: and cue the fountains of gratitude

I was thinking in terms of reexamining things one thought one knew in a new light. *g*

but yes, that works too.

There's never any one way to read a book.
Thanks, Bear!

This brought back lots of memories. Of the White House, Flood Control Dam #3, the Wizard of Frobozz and more. Heck, I thought I caught an Infidel reference in those lyrics, too.

you are awesome. I found this, earlier this year, and have to re-watch it every few months. thanks for the push. :)