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any sufficiently advanced nazi is indistinguishable from an internet kerfuffle

annnnnnnnnnnd I have now loafed the bread and set it to rise, roasted tomatillos and onions and chilis and garlic to make green chili to freeze, made and consumed ANOTHER pot of tea...

and written 1804 words, which brings me to the blessed number 10,010, or... a tenth of a book.

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself.

And Word knows "shibboleth." Just for the record.

Mean things: the kids a re fighting, Danilaw is trying to be a good leader, Godwin's Law.

10010 / 100000 words. 10% done!

And now I will listen to Morning Edition, bake that bread, eat something, and go climbing.
Tags: jacob's ladder, progress notes
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