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dr. reid, try not to grin and bounce in your seat when you say "dracula."

Criminal Minds 05x07, "The Performer," written by Holly Harold, directed by John Badham

That was a sort of sweet, touching, cute, lighearted episode of Criminal Minds. About vampirism. And Goth rock.

Where's my "somewhat incongruous" icon?

Because everything's better with a skinny gothboi singing Joy Division covers. Especially when he can actually sing.

Oh, honey, goths don't drink Jack Daniels if they can help it. He must be really desperate. And vampires don't reflect, even in shattered mirrors.

Aw. Mean gothgirls are mean. Do not jones for the murder victim's platform boots, Bear. And I am so sure Ed not Ted is the killer it's not even funny, which suggests to me that it's actually the manager. Especially since we've already done the mad celebrity episode with !Frank Miller.

I love the way Reid enunciates "proficient."

Aww. JJ busting Reid about Lila. Mwahahahaha. No fair picking on the gimp.

Return detective, drink! And Prentiss is clueless.

"Classic cannibalism. Lovely job we have." ... okay, I love Rossi forever now.

"They mostly dress up like Prentiss did in high school..."

PSA: vampirism! dri--  Oh, just hit the bottle like Gavin Rossdale did. It'll be quicker.

Penelope tomato juice. Ogawd.

"Thanks baby gi--" Aww, poor Morgan. It's sexual harrasment now!

Aww, and Hotch takes the heat off Morgan with the explanations. You know, I'm greatly enjoying the continuity here.

I'm also really enjoying Rossdale's character's dislike for his rock star persona. And his handler, and the media.

Ooo, Prentiss backstory. "I'll call the sexiest hacker on the planet."

Morgan is not so happy with that word, "licking."

The Reid/JJ conversation seems oddly out of character, though I like her teasing Garcia and Reid. (Reid was monolingual, except for math, last I checked.) Of course, they could just be busting each other.

Yay for Twilight jokes. *g*

"Oh I could get used to this." And detail-girl cracks the case! Oh, and nice move, Rossi. Well-played, sir.

"He gonna be okay?"
"He's got a gun. Keep moving."

Reid has gotten awfully good at those crutches, and JJ is walking up to a poorly-maintained single-family home. Didn't I see this in Silence of the Lambs?

Come on, JJ, you're too smart not to figure that out. Although it is sort of a comeuppance for hurrying Reid through the profile--oh, hah! They got me with the double blind. I decided I'd been red-herringed off to the manager, and yet... they got me with the basic thriller twist. And I just SAW Along Came A Spider, too.

No excuse.

Points to JJ for self-rescuing yet again.

ETA: Maybe Reid was just playing dumb to yank JJ's chain. Because he would do.

It was nice to see lots of JJ and Reid and Prentiss, when they have been backgrounded for a bit, even if Reid did seem weirdly flat and out of character and conventional-tv-genius, and coffeeem says below.

(And I felt bad for Reid, who left Jaje to the wolves a second time, although this time it really wasn't his fault, But I bet he's not over running off and leaving her. I wouldn't be.)

Aww. Prentiss taking care of people again.

"And a shovel." Yeah, she's going to be hearing about that for a while.

Well, that was a curiously cute ending. Very kind of Magnum, PI. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Well, okay, it was amusing, and the character bits and fan service were all very much in place. But I'm not sure it did much work beyond that. On the other hand, it was very, very cute.

Here, have a clip of Gavin Rossdale singing "Love Will Tear Us Apart" for Criminal Minds.

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