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don't expect your good heart to save your neck

1006 words on grail, 783 on some nonfiction. Not too bad, all things considered.

Today's auctorial crisis: Aw damn. After two books, I'm finally going to have to describe this ship from the outside.

My Utopian society is starting to convince me. I wonder what's wrong with it? Other than that it requires lobotomizing the citizens, of course.

I am funnier when I'm punchy.  Also, I am funnier than I used to be. I learned this doing readings from BtMB lately. That book takes itself very seriously. It is Portentuous. Despite having been rewritten again and again and again.

This book is not portentuous. Perhaps I have relaxed a bit over the years.

Why I hang around with my writing group: a brief transcript from today's deathmarch support chat:

stillsostrange (12:08:25 AM): Somebody name five demons who stalk the unwary in winter
matociquala (12:09:49 AM): famine, thirst, fatigue, cold and Mixed Precip.

I am just kind of throwing words at the page tonight, honestly. Disjointed scene bits as they occur. I'm discovering that I like Danilaw a lot--he's got the ability to extemporize political speeches like a trained skald and he's also pretty funny. For the guy in charge of the lobotomy crowd.

11016 / 100000 words. 11% done!
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