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bear by san

March 2017



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the cards will cheat you. lord they will beat you. and leave you with a losing hand.

Well, it's been a very long day--clothes shopping, baby shower, social things. But I am home and dry at last and commencing my work day.

I have put on my work clothes (green and purple plaid pajama pants with a silver stripe, fuzzy slippers, and purple long johns--with the important protective gear of my wrist braces!), made myself a pot of tea, and with the assistance of my coworker I'm about to start the day's work.

Here's my office.

Today's tea mug is kitty in a filing drawer. Today's tea is vanilla rooibos.

Sometimes this job doesn't suck.

See you in six pages.


So where does one sign up for this job :P
Well, it has drawbacks. no health insurance, and it is 6 pm on a Sunday and I am at work.
Today's tea mug is kitty in a filing drawer.

*hee* Black kitty in a filing cabinet--I got my blackish cat Blair when I lived at home. One day, we couldn't find him--looked everywhere. My mother then thought to check the filing cabinet, which she'd had a drawer open on earlier in the day--and there was Blair, curled up asleep in the back of the drawer. (He also got trapped behind the stove once and locked in Dad's wine closet a couple times.)

And your office is much tidier than mine....
Hee. this corner of it, anyway....
Best. Coworker. Ever. :)
He would be, if he gave backrubs.
Does Ace have a teddy bear there?
That is ridiculously adorable!
He does. And his stuffed animals badly need washed right now.
I knew it was one of THOSE mugs! I've stitched some of that artist's work as cross-stitch designs :-)
Me, too! They're fun to do - usually pretty quick pieces. Also so very true to life with a cat!
Your co-worker really looks frazzled by all the energy he's putting out.
Damned hard work.
It's nice that your co-worker will share his futon like that. I have to negotiate space with the Supervisory Committee here all the time.
ace is there for ya! he can herd the plotbunnies!
Whenever I get down about the lack of freelance work, I remind myself that I don't own a pair of khaki Dockers (or other equivalent cubicle-wear), don't have to pack a lunch, and *never* have to commute in the middle of winter! :)
But I do envy you your co-worker. Mine is a weird red spider that lives on the ceiling!
Your coworker is gorgeous.
I do so love those days. Mine involve pots of tea, comfy couch, self-heating lap warmers (kitties) and reading self-help books that have been sent to me for deconstruction/reconstruction into life-coaching programs. Very much a part of my job that, as you so eloquently put it, does not suck.

(Although I feel you on the life insurance thing...we're hoping our catastrophic-care policy that covers nothing short of out-and-out disaster is enough to keep us alive and out of bankruptcy until Congress throws us a bone.)
Awwwwww, lookit GRD using his stuffy for a pillow!!