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we like pop. we like soul.we like rock. but we never liked disco.

As I write this (I will post it later) I am working on my laptop in a cafe. I am not fooling anyone.

And now I am home and it's later.

skogkatt made it down for the study date, and we were virtuous together. Not only did I get 2700 words on Grail, which puts me at 103 pages and 20,000 Word words.

One quarter of a goddamned book.

Yeah, I had forgotten how satisfying that is.

And I just filed my copy for a book review. So my wordcount for the day is around 3500K, and I am taking tomorrow (the hell) off.

A convenient thing about the [bracket notes] thing as I write. It gives my internal editor a place to put its bile and grue, without actually slowing me down long enough to think of the right word.

It's almost like how fast I could write when I didn't know how.

Books read since last update:

47. Margaret Ronald, Spiral Hunt
[comments redacted pending formal review elsewhere]

48. Robert Charles Wilson, Julian Comstock
Oh, my God, I loved this. It's everything those Orson Scott Card books should have been, and more so.

49. N. K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
[comments redacted pending formal review elsewhere]

And a nice boy gave me his comic book at the climbing gym tonight, and it looks awfully pretty. So I shall read that tomorrow, and maybe the Girl Genius omnibus I have not read yet. And then I will tell you about them.
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