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Dogs and comic books living together

As promised, a few notes on Growing Up Comic, the comic book handed to me at the climbing gym last night by the writer/artist, Matt Roscetti. (Who is a MUCH better climber than I am.)

I really liked it. Reminded me a little of Bone and Tales of the Beanworld in (respectively) the art style and the lightness of approach. The narrative is a little coincidental, but engaging and it kept making me smile. Very comforting on a rough morning. (I'm waiting to take the Complaint Department to the vet, as she got into an altercation with the GRD this morning because I was an idiot and didn't make sure the airlock door was shut while I was carrying some stuff through from Dog Zone to Cat Zone. I thought she was smart enough to stay upstairs. I guess not.

Anyway, she appears to be fine, but we're getting her a checkup anyway.)

This is what I get for planning a relaxing day off.

Anyway, back to the comforting comic book, which helped a lot with the wait, and which I think generally deserves your attention,


20090406 003

My favorite splash page:

20090406 004

Matt's web page is at, and the book can be ordered online for nine bucks.

I guess that makes it #50.
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