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bear by san

March 2017



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Dogs and comic books living together

As promised, a few notes on Growing Up Comic, the comic book handed to me at the climbing gym last night by the writer/artist, Matt Roscetti. (Who is a MUCH better climber than I am.)

I really liked it. Reminded me a little of Bone and Tales of the Beanworld in (respectively) the art style and the lightness of approach. The narrative is a little coincidental, but engaging and it kept making me smile. Very comforting on a rough morning. (I'm waiting to take the Complaint Department to the vet, as she got into an altercation with the GRD this morning because I was an idiot and didn't make sure the airlock door was shut while I was carrying some stuff through from Dog Zone to Cat Zone. I thought she was smart enough to stay upstairs. I guess not.

Anyway, she appears to be fine, but we're getting her a checkup anyway.)

This is what I get for planning a relaxing day off.

Anyway, back to the comforting comic book, which helped a lot with the wait, and which I think generally deserves your attention,


20090406 003

My favorite splash page:

20090406 004

Matt's web page is at www.daydreamcomics.com, and the book can be ordered online for nine bucks.

I guess that makes it #50.


Link is broken.

I am just getting the comcast sorry page.

Re: Link is broken.

That's because I can't type. fixing it.
We simultaneously owned a cat and a cat-predatory dog. Before we brought him home and discovered just how cat-predatory he was, we had installed a cat-flap in an interior door so that the cat could retreat to a dog-free zone as she wished. After it became clear that the dog was dangerous to her, we kinda expected that she would voluntarily stay in the dog-free zone. She didn't.

We ended up locking the flap and having INTENSE training sessions with visitors who couldn't understand why it wasn't okay to open the kitchen door and then stand there, "blocking" the doorway with their bodies, while they finished the conversation. (Why? Because she is fast, and small, and you're paying attention to your conversation with me instead of to where she is and what she's doing. Which means we're not listening to you, we're freaking out about the stealthing cat behind you and the stalking dog in front of you. If you're going to have a conversation, FREAKING CLOSE THE DOOR.)

Ahem, sorry. Hoping everything checks out beautifully for the Complaints Department, and with a minimum of indignities.
Strained tendon, no serious injuries.

I got a free one, I guess.

It helps that the Briard is a herding dog and grips rather than biting.

Horray for good news!


Nice to know I am not alone in having that particular problem.
Scary! La Mrowsera, despite being the sweetest cat in the world, and also despite having no front claws, repeatedly tried to challenge the quite well-clawed and much younger Dinah Bell when we had her here. We had to keep the house divided, but once La Mrowsera got through and chased Dinah Bell under the couch, only to emerge with a bleeding face because Dinah Bell fought back in self defense. Poor, daft beast. I'm glad to hear Presumptuous Cat is basically okay.