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Criminal Minds 05x08,"Outfoxed," written by Simon Mirren and directed by John E,  Gallagher

...that actually is James Fallon. FUCKING AWESOME.

Okay, I am so totally sold on this episode already that it isn't funny. Show? I love you. Or,to put iit more concisely, OMGWTFBBQ!eleventyone!!!1!! that.

Reid is nodding a little too fiercely for believability, but I like that they remembered that he wouldn't be taking notes. Instead, he's picking his cuticles nervously.

I love the framing on Reid's long walk up the driveway. The dialogue in the garden is kind of on-the-nose, but I guess we have to exposit for the new kids.

Second week in a row where no sign of sexual assault equals a female killer. Time to retire that one for the season, guys.

And the return of Karl Arnold. That's satisfying. As is Derek Morgan with hair.

Haven't done that one voice overlaid with another trick since The Fox, I  think, or was it Plain Sight? (Gideon screaming out the window in the victim's voice?)

Oh, victim survivor denial. Also something we saw in the related episode, and also used to brilliant effect there. The parallels are great--the father in this episode, the brother in theolder one. Emily as the new kid showing unexpected steel as Reid did five seasons ago.

Visual joke, Silence of the Lambs.

Gee, Arnold is slightlyless slick about ogling the female agents than Rossi was. Which isn;t saying much.

"Found a way to hide in plain sight." I saw what you did there, David Rossi.

"There are more victims. We just haven't found them yet."

"And admirer. Not a fan. Big difference."
Oh, Emily, he's playing you. Open the book.

Tiny baby Hotch! Man, that was a striking ending, back before we knew what to expect from these guys.

Poor Emily. Her ethics are still taking beating, but she hangs on to them. And Prentiss, just like the killer, identifies with Lucy.

"You don't have to now."
"Yes, I do."
You go get 'em, tiger.

"This isn't a coincidence. It's a possible signature."

"Agent Garcia is the best we have."
Garcia's an agent again! It happens intermittently. Or maybe the team just sometimes forgets.

"Stand up. You want to see, don't you?"
I love how Arnold just waltzes through the blood while Prentiss and Hotch avoid it. And Arnold is totally doing the Ted Bundy egoist thing. The projection, the gloating. I bet somebody watched the Bundy tapes.

"The how is how he was able to catch me."

Oh, the mother in this scene is awesome. And the team doing the deathmarch up to the house is even more awesome.

Shemar Moore is doing some amazing acting in this episode. Very understated, all face and body language. Command is stooping his shoulders, man.

And Reid's gun has migrated to a position all the way across his body now. He's gonna shoot himself in the thigh.

"The strongest of which is smell." Like roasting fish guts, Spencer?

And back to The Fox: Emily confronts Arnold on his childhood abuse just as Reid confronted Tony Todd (hi, Tony Todd!) on his childhood sexual abuse.

"Girls have much more to lose than boys. It's a fact, the female body can handle pain much better."

Hotch comforting Morgan, and Morgan doubting his profile.

"This isn't over. At least not for you." Don't go in the basement, Aaron!
Aaron, the serial killer is not interviewing you. You don't have to answer his questions. Even if Detail Girl is cracking the case.

...Reid's quoting books again.

"There's no fixing how I feel right now, is there?"
"It helped the case. And you did what you had to do." DRINK!

It's the FLICKR KILLER! Aiiieeee! (Garcia and JJ together, still love.)

"No, Agent Hotchner, I rather think he has already found you."

Morgan tackled! Drink! And oh, big lose. What was that I said about Shemar's acting this ep?
Tough JJ (he called her Jennifer!) "Morgan?"
"I'm all right. I'm all right."
They always say that.

Karl Arnold is overacting a little, however. Or maybe he just is that smarmy.
Flashbulb memory! Drink!

This episode managed to more than pay for the awkwardnesses in the last one, for me. I thought Neal Jones was chewing the scenery far more than he needed to, and I the A plot (which was actually the B plot) was backgrounded a bit too much to give us more time with him (I think he would have been creepier and more effective more lightly used, but they were giving Hotch and Prentiss the screen time).

But that's okay. I loved it. It worked, the characters felt like themselves, with just the right notes of continuing character development without the hand being overplayed. And it's been a while since we had a good prison interview episode. (I know, I love those bits. But it's nice to see the team doing the unglamorous part of their jobs as well.)

It also throws some more fuel on that argument about the nature of evil--I think I would have liked to see our poor killer, this episode, get the sympathetic treatment the UNSUB in "Distress" did, but again with the duelling plot threads. And we have had that episode already, and at this point, it may just be implied. They've done the work to be able to assume that the audience will be viewing everybody--team, victims, survivors, killers--as chaff on the winds of torment.

That was purple, wasn't it? Oh, that's okay.

And you know, they had me at James Fallon.

...yeah, I'm really happy with that one.

My show, still not so much a shootin' people show. Or, in five seasons, main-cast inflicted fatalities...


Aaron Hotchner, badass, in the lead with 4.25 (The Tribe, A Real Rain, Psychodrama, Legacy (split with Morgan, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Catching Out.).

Derek Morgan makes it a tie! 4.25. (Charm & Harm (split with Elle), Lessons Learned, Open Season (split with Prentiss), Legacy (split with Hotch, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Minimal Loss (three in the center of mass. Now, "Outfoxed," more or less in extremis. Do not mess with that man.).

Future vigilante killer Elle Greenaway: still in second (or third?), despite having left the show in 2x05, with 2.5 (Extreme Aggressor, Charm & Harm (split with Morgan), Aftermath)

The mild-mannered but deadly Dr. Spencer Reid, third/fourth place with at 2 (LDSK; Revelations)

Emily Prentiss, fourth/fifth with either 1.75 or 1.25, depending on whether one of those offscreen gunshots in Open Season was actually hers, or if all three were Morgan's. I award her the kill because of her reaction on the plane afterward. The .25 is the other quarter of Charles Holcomb in Legacy, who went down like Frankie. The 1 is the suicide-by-cop in "Lo-Fi."

JJ: 1, in Penelope. And RIGHT THROUGH THE FBI SEAL. Hello Symbolism Much? Also, three dogs and my eternal respect. She is 1:1 bullets:kills, at this juncture.

Rossi: in second-to-last place with 1, in his very first episode (About Face). Having established that he is a badass, he has never badassed since. ("Welcome to the Enterprise. Would you like to beat up my Klingon?")

Garcia still doesn't kill people.

Gideon has never discharged his weapon. However, he has beaten somebody all to hell with a clubbed shotgun.

And of course, various shootings perpetrated by unsubs, victims, the families of unsubs, cops of the week, snipers, random bystanders, cultists, lovelorn teenagers, and Frank Miller's ego....

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