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My brain is nonfunctional today. I got 331 words on The Stratford Man, and I may start my poking at the leatherman story this afternoon. Unless I decide to take a nap.

I need to tell myself I'm entitled to have a day or two of R&R. Because I have really been working my butt off for the last ten days, and a girl can't do this to herself and expect to be any kind of useful. Also, my hands are in bad shape: I can't keep up this 4K a day pace and not brutalize myself.

It's cooling off nicely, finally. The Mojave is packing it in for another year.


I'm currently reading: Divine Intervention, Ken Wharton; Brothers in Arms, Lois Bujold; Look to Windward, Iain Banks; the first Sector General re-issue omnibus, James White; Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot, C. Northcote Parkinson; Faith & Treason, Antonia Fraser.

I did say I needed to read more science fiction than I have been. *g*

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