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20090406 001 On the job.

 Breakfast today is sesame steamed buns, and the tea today is coffee, which is technically a tisane. (Later there might be some Bush Tea.)

 Today's mug: bats of the Northeast.

 Books on the table are Kelly Gay's The Better Part of Darkness and The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton, a pseudonym for my beloved barbara_hambly (!!!!) featuring Abigail Adams as a detective.

As some of you know, I adore Abigail Adams so much that she's the lead character in the only real alternate history story I will ever write. (That other stuff is contrafactual history, which is easier and more fun. "The Ladies" is six pages long and took me six months to write, and I read the entire Adams-Jefferson letters to do it. In contrafactual history, I don't have to spend six days worrying about what to call a galvanized nail in a world with no Lord Galvan. I just make shit up that sounds good.)

I'm in chapter eleven, and so far I adore this book. *keens and rocks and clutches it close*
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