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stare, delete comma, sigh, put comma in.

Today, probably between 12:15 and 12:30, I will be interviewed by Barna Donovan on WSPC radio out of St. Peter's College for the show Culture Wars. (!)

There appears to be a live feed on the website, if anybody wants to listen in.... 

In other news, I appear to have hit the portion of the draft that involves frowning at the pages a lot and waiting for the book's structure to reveal itself to me. Don't panic, this happens every time! Or many times, anyway--I write a hundred pages or so and then I have to stop and wait and stare mournfully at the book and play a lot of Bejeweled Twist until I figure out what the structure really is.

It usually involves a lot of re-arranging and writing new bits, when I figure it out.

Maybe I will watch  Mythbusters and hope the solution to all my plot problems is in Kari's snark.

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