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bear by san

March 2017



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Apparently, I can't sleep. Wonder what's up with that?

Oh well. Maybe I can write a novel or something.


Can we have a novel-writing party? 'Cause it's 4.20 AM, and I can't sleep either. (Tho I should probably try.)
::tries to move wine bottle thru computer screen and bring to party::


::drinks wine from bottle::
I have insomnia because I'm writing something. You're writing something because you have insomnia. Together we... are short on sleep and long on words, I guess. And form some sort of cyber symmetry.

But that could be the exhaustion talking. ;)
Wryters! Wryters! burning bright
At computers in the night
What digital pen or eye
Could frame thy cyber symmetry?

If it makes you feel better, matociquala, I was up until about then reading Ink and Steel, so, y'know, it was just a night for that, or something. ;-)
I'm.. sorry?
I'm not. I'm greatly enjoying it! :-D
((laugh)) And now with "burning bright" you've got me thinking of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

My writer burns at both ends,
She will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -
She gives a lovely light

possibly clowns will eat you?
Me, I know why I can't sleep: I'm dizzy and hungry.

I'm dizzy because a nasty infection damaged my left inner ear years back.

I have no idea why I'm hungry, because I had pizza and ice cream for dinner last night, and is there a definition of Enough wherein pizza and ice cream constitute Not Enough? Apparently. So hungry.
I appear to be writing a children's picture book.

Yeah, I dunno either.
Well, picture book texts are like that. They fall on your head sometimes; what can you do. Best to humor them. They're not long.
"Our Daily Grind" was the name of a coffee shop in one of our previous locations . . .