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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon murder before coff

there's more dark meat on a hamster

20090406 001
My workplace today.

I'm not actually one hundred percent sure what I mean to get accomplished today, but I have Grail, The Steles of the Sky, and the Secrit Projekt with kylecassidy all open simultaneously, and I'm poking at them all distractedly while waiting for genius to strike.

I may also attempt to read the next book I am supposed to review, which also qualifies as paying work.

I'm also researching Mongolian megafauna, which is a little too much fun, as it justifies things like watching Walking with Beasts and so forth. Here, have an awesome photo of a model of an Indricothere.

(And in North American megafauna, a fantasy art image of an arctic war brontothere) I want one. Now there is a companion animal fantasy I would buy. I mean, what do you say to WAR BRONTOTHERE except Hellyeah? That's cooler than an Oliphaunt, baby.

Today's tea: Yunan Jig (from Adiago, which is nice tea but way overpriced--like, by a factor of two or three. The packaging isn't that nice, guys)

Today's mug: Pilot Knob Coffee, which my father assures me is the worst coffee known to the North American continent. It's named after a monadnock in North Carolina, Pilot Mountain.

("Monadnock" is your word for the day. You are welcome.)


That Indricothere looks strangely like Dürer's Rhinoceros!
That's because they are. Rhinos. Or closely related, anyway, but something like ten times bigger.

And hornless, of course.
I knooowwww. Worst monkey EVER.
I mean, what do you say to WAR BRONTOTHERE except Hellyeah?
(We shall ignore, for the time being, the question of how in Ghu's name do you keep that puppy fed. In the High Arctic. In the middle of winter. Because, oh, yes, HELLYEAH!)

"Monadnock" is your word for the day. You are welcome.
Which reminds me, alas, of how long it's been since I climbed one. Especially the eponymous one, which is not that terribly far from my abode.
Like wooly rhinos, they use the nose horns to sweep aside deep snows to get to buried grasses.
I don't think my current lifestyle could support a war brontothere, so I would have to go with the calmer, more manageable sporting brontothere.
But they're not furry!
Right about now I'm wishing I knew a good monadnock nock joke, something involving interrupting hills and archery.
monadnock = erebor = lonely mountain

which is gloriously visible looking north across the drowned towns of the Quabbin
Oh, happy memories. Mt. Monadnock is the first mountain I ever climbed (I was five). Found a patch of wild blueberries one minute after I announced I was quitting, then--so goes the story--ran the rest of the way to the top.

I don't think I ever knew it was a noun, though.
My dad and stepmom retired to Rindge NH after many summer vacation-weeks there, so I am familiar with Mt. Monadnock as well. Even got in "trouble" once for correcting my 8th grade English teacher's pronunciation of it when she was reading aloud to us from Our Town.

But I didn't know it started out as a noun either. Neat. :)
what do you say to WAR BRONTOTHERE

needs some nice armor on the horns... to set off the eyes..
I grew up near another Pilot Knob.

If I could have a war brontothere I wouldn't need a pony...
You could ride it up to Pilot Knob.
I was all HellYeah with you until my honey pointed out "It doesn't look all that maneuverable. Legolas would take that out in a heartbeat."

Yes, we have these sort of conversations all the time, why do you ask?
("Monadnock" is your word for the day. You are welcome.)

Well, as WotD it sure beats enucleate.

I'm baaaack. Must be National Write About Mega Fauna Day because just a bit down my Friends page from you was this


This week's "Wait, wait, don't tell me" from NPR, I bet. Only I think difference between a hamster and a gerbil would be that there's more dark meat on the *gerbil* (bigger drumsticks, after all).