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there's more dark meat on a hamster

20090406 001
My workplace today.

I'm not actually one hundred percent sure what I mean to get accomplished today, but I have Grail, The Steles of the Sky, and the Secrit Projekt with kylecassidy all open simultaneously, and I'm poking at them all distractedly while waiting for genius to strike.

I may also attempt to read the next book I am supposed to review, which also qualifies as paying work.

I'm also researching Mongolian megafauna, which is a little too much fun, as it justifies things like watching Walking with Beasts and so forth. Here, have an awesome photo of a model of an Indricothere.

(And in North American megafauna, a fantasy art image of an arctic war brontothere) I want one. Now there is a companion animal fantasy I would buy. I mean, what do you say to WAR BRONTOTHERE except Hellyeah? That's cooler than an Oliphaunt, baby.

Today's tea: Yunan Jig (from Adiago, which is nice tea but way overpriced--like, by a factor of two or three. The packaging isn't that nice, guys)

Today's mug: Pilot Knob Coffee, which my father assures me is the worst coffee known to the North American continent. It's named after a monadnock in North Carolina, Pilot Mountain.

("Monadnock" is your word for the day. You are welcome.)
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