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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle ash really

sit back and i'll tell you we're living in fear

Audible is giving away free audiobooks for Thanksgiving, including METAtropolis.

20090406 012A thousand words last night, and 330 so far this morning. I'm slogging through the 113 pages of this book I do have written, putting things in a logical order, fixing my line of direction, and amending my "think of this later" notes to actual content. It's necessary work for the book to advance, and it feel like progress. When I'm done, the book may have a foundation, which is sort of important for one to be able to build a structure on top.

Unfortunately, at this point, I am bogged down trying to think of a coinage that means, roughly, "fanatical loyalty to an ideological meme in the face of conclusive evidence to the contrary." You know, like Oxfordians. Or birthers. Or white supremacists. Or young Earth creationists. Like that.

And the right turn of phrase is just not coming to me.

Yeah, I expect this book is going to piss some people off. But then, what doesn't?

In the meantime, here, have a photo of a cup of tea.

Tea du jour: Upton Russian Caravan
Teacup du jour: pansies


No. Those are not quite right in connotation, and for reasons of plot and worldbuilding I need a new word.
Upton's is the only one I like. It's a nice mellow black tea with a hint of orangy aroma.
"fanatical loyalty to an ideological meme in the face of conclusive evidence to the contrary."

I'm almost positive there's a scientific name for this. Besides "crazy," I mean. =p
That is a gorgeous teacup.
I believe it's one of the ones I inherited from a family friend, unless my former mother-in-law gave it to me.

I love it because pansies were my grandmother's favorite.
I am bogged down trying to think of a coinage that means, roughly, "fanatical loyalty to an ideological meme in the face of conclusive evidence to the contrary."

Ideologues? Contrarians? Dissenters (although that has specific historical meaning already)? Or some kind of neologism -- Discordians? Disputationists? Confronters?
Alas. While brilliant, those are all exactly wrong in their implications for what I need.

Which is why I needed a neologism with specific connotations.

Thankfully, I have it: sophipathology.
I hope the "sophi" part of that will mean something more to me when I encounter it in context; right now it's bouncing around my head trying to relate to "sociopath", "Sophie", "sophont", and maybe a couple of other things, and not quite sticking anywhere.
"sophont" is the right cognate: sopho (intelligence) + path (disease). A disease of the intellect.

I've just called them denialists, since that's what they typically are - they deny the holocaust, evolution, global warming, moon landings, etc. But sophipath is a fine word indeed.
By analogy to sophistry, it has useful cognates for context as well, which is a consideration with sFnal neologisms.
Although I'd argue that "sophist" is closer than "sophont" to the idea in question.
(Whoops, I see matociquala already got there.)

Edited at 2009-11-24 08:07 pm (UTC)
Alas, I am ineligible for the Metatropolis deal because I already have an Audible.com account.
This is full of awesome, and will soon fill my iTunes with sweet, sweet verbiage. Mmmm, verbiage.

Pissing people off

One of my favorite quotes from my corporate-sponsored Author Events (ick, yuk, please make them go away even if theyare supposed to be *good* for both authors and "The Company") was Katherine Patterson, when she was defending the death of one of her protagonists at the end of Bridge to Terabithia (at the time when she wrote it, death was a highly controversial event to include in a children's book) -- is that "for a book to have any power at all, it must first have the power to offend."

Sounds like you have achieved step 1 already.....well done.

Re: Pissing people off

It's true.

And I imagine the only way you can avoid making somebody crabby with you is by not existing.

Re: Pissing people off

...and that is no fun atoll (sic) ...

off to the less creative grind of dead tree distribution....