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for one more time let your madness run with mine

What my online writer's group talks about when we're gathered together and deathmarching.

hawkwing_lb: *shares melted chocolate over vanilla icecream*
beatriceeagle: Mmmmmm.
hawkwing_lb: (yes, I do plan to die of heart failure before the age of forty, why do you ask?)
matociquala: ooo
matociquala: Well, it beats cancer.
matociquala: Cancer: evolution's last-ditch "You, get the FUCK out of the gene pool!" clause.
hawkwing_lb: :-)
hawkwing_lb: not fun, that.
beatriceeagle: *twitch*
hawkwing_lb: (although did you see the article about the research drug from Tel Aviv university?)
hawkwing_lb: (one day, they might be able to cure even cancer.)
matociquala: So we'll just get older and older and older and never die.
matociquala: Wasn't there a cautionary tale about that? *g*
beatriceeagle: Tithonus!
matociquala: eventually we shall all become cicadas
beatriceeagle: And live in baskets in the corner of heaven.
matociquala: You know, I don't really have a lot of places I can come for conversation like this.
hawkwing_lb: assuming heaven has corners!
hawkwing_lb: it might be a sphere. :P
matociquala: It might be a hypercube and have LOTS of corners
hawkwing_lb: (the one shape heaven shouldn't be is a pyramid)
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