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bear by san

March 2017



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honeydew, holiday edition

Thanksgiving to-do list.


bake apple pies
set bread to rise
cranberry sauce
prep dressing
season turkey
prep pumpkin


assemble relish tray
roast garlic
roast turkey
bake pumpkins

bake bread
bake stuffing
bake yams
boil potatoes for mashing
all of these things are panned up and ready to go.

make gravy
peas and onions
mull wine


Thursday addition: EAT! *grin*

Sounds like a fantastic feast; hope that it is enjoyed by all!

LOL, I was just coming in to say that exact thing ;-)

Bear forgot the most important bit!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Am bringing roasted mixed-winter-veg-with-rosemary -- should I roast them ahead, so they only need to be made warm, or will there be room in a 400 oven the day of?
I would recommend roasting in advance: I cannot guarantee oven space.
Super. Also plan to bring knife bag; what time do you want kitchen help?
Doors open around 2, dinner is around 6. Kitchen help is gratefully accepted, though it should be pretty straightforward cookery wise. *g*

I am sad you guys can't make it. I have no Sarah or Allen either.


Set place for me.
I'm going to friends and we're makin' pizza.
I have a duckling defrosting. (Turkey, feh.) Chopped apples, onions, sage, rosemary, and thyme on the inside; dressing around; EVOO on top; stock waiting to make gravy; potatoes ready to be boiled and mashed.
Sounds like a decent Sunday dinner. *g* Actually, duck WAS what we had for dinner on Sunday.

(Don't you start a culinary smackdown with me. And don't you feh my turkey.)

ETA: And for the love of God, don't pollute my comments section with terms like "EVOO."


Edited at 2009-11-25 04:33 am (UTC)
Enh. I was using it before that hussy Rachel Ray did.
Who? Oh, the woman with the annoying voice.

(Extra virgin is not actually particularly suited to that application: extended high heat will kill any flavor nuances.)
Yes, but the alternatives are peanut oil or I go buy some flavorless oil that won't be used for anything else and eventually goes rancid.
Well, one can always pop popcorn in it. *g* But yeah, I'd probably use a regular olive oil or maybe walnut oil--or avocado, which has a really high smoke point and tastes nice. I'd probably use butter by preference over any of those, though, if for some reason I couldn't do it the way I do it at home.

In my own kitchen, I just use the duck fat. With a quart of duck stock added to the pan juices, if I have the stuff to make it, because after four hours of exceedingly slow roasting the duck stock and pan juices cook down to make about a cup of the most amazing, gelatinous au jus the world has ever seen. Schmaltz also works well. (I have some saved for under the skin of the turkey, in fact, since I wound up with a pretty lean bird this year.)

...okay, can it be time to eat now?
I at least try to keep kosher, so no butter. Sadly, that does kinda take away some of the good stuff; mashed potatoes made without milk and butter just aren't as good. And no cornbread because it needs some kind of acid, usually provided by the milk, and vinegar just doesn't taste right. Although I should perhaps see if sour salt would work.
Schmaltz! It cures everything. (And it's good in potatoes). Or, you know, margarine.

Oo, the cornbread is tricky.

Oh, and I'm cooking just for me (given that my sleep cycle is still out of control, so I may be doing it 12 hours after everyone else in the US), so no Iron Chef Geekosaur this time around.
Aww. Come on over! Bring the duck!

(You're allowed to feh my turkey after you've tasted it, just not before.)
Yum! We're going to New York to see friends and have a similar menu. Our share is mashed potatoes and some sort of greens (kale or spinach or chard, I imagine). Need to buy those, actually.... Oh dear. Must add that to tomorrow's list. Eep.

I'm perusing deep-dish apple pie tactics.

I'm so excited I could pop.
Feast days are the best! *g*