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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds hotch you just did

and the news is just another show

Pre-launch speculation about Criminal Minds episode 100 (5x09) behind the cut...

So I've been fretting all week that My Show is going to disappoint me and fridge Haley. Which is, of course, a possibility, and we're certainly being led to believe so by the advance publicity--and I will find out relatively soon if that is the case.

On the other hand, the very fact that we're being led to believe makes me wonder, because My Show is all about the advance disinformation. Which is something I'm very fond of them for--like David Bowie, they'll cheerfully lie to the press if it seems more interesting.

I'm pretty sure D.B. Sweeney is not making it out of the episode alive, anyway, but I've been wondering about Haley. It's possible that they will kill her off, and irritate me in my feminism in the process--although it would be unusual, CM has been known to make mistakes. It's also possible that they'll kill her off and make me like it. For one thing, Single Dad adds a whole set of layers to Hotch-as-guy-in-female-roles, and it could be exceedingly interesting.

What could also be exceedingly interesting (this is probably the way I would be tempted to go, if I were writing it) is to hurt her badly, and use the experience as a catalyst for character growth for both her and Hotch--her appreciating what his job really is, and him appreciating her position about his workaholic tendencies. Not necessarily bringing them back together as a couple, but offering them a chance to learn compassion for one another.

I don't think that last is beyond the pale. Foyet would want to kill her in front of Hotch, if at all possible--it fits his MO to make the victim watch awful things being done to a loved one. And then there's the issue of Foyet's bond with (and identification with?) Hotch, which Foyet is going to want to explore--and make Hotch feel, as well.

I will be kind of disappointed if Hotch just kills Foyet. It would be the CSI solution, and My Show is better at narrative than CSI.

Well, I'll find out soon enough....


Do Not Want them to kill D.B. Sweeney! Toe-pick!

Can't argue with your speculations about Haley. Will get very, VERY distressed if there's Srs Jack Peril. Waaaaay too used to a GM of mine constantly imperiling the kids.

We shall see.
I do not want My Show to kill Foyet. Foyet should be arrested, and left to live a long, lonely, forgotten life in solitary confinement in Idlewood some maximum-security prison that he's never had a chance to study, and that will hold him.

I do not want My Show to fridge Haley, either, but I may be persuaded to tolerate her dying if she goes out a hero, of her own volition and at the end of the episode. And I will accept Foyet dying only if it's not Hotch who kills him (and Hotch is extremely cross with the person who does).

What could also be exceedingly interesting (this is probably the way I would be tempted to go, if I were writing it) is to hurt her badly, and use the experience as a catalyst for character growth for both her and Hotch--her appreciating what his job really is, and him appreciating her position about his workaholic tendencies. Not necessarily bringing them back together as a couple, but offering them a chance to learn compassion for one another.

This would be extremely interesting, and I hope it's the sort of thing they do. I think it may depend on whether Meredith Monroe has done a Gareth Thomas or not, though.
Yeah, this pretty much sums up my attitude. I mean, CM can make me like stuff I would never have expected to like. But if they snuff Haley they are going to have to sell it hard.
I really don't want them to kill Haley. I will, however, applaud if Haley gets in a stab, kick, or punch at Foyet, who I also don't want dead. There's a whole series of trial/dealing with the sort of media-fallout after the capture of such a prolific serial killer that could be milked.
I trust Ed not to screw us over. I think Foyet is cocky* enough to start by hurting Haley, and thinking he can control Hotch thereby. To which I say Ha. Fragile women don't hold Hotch's interest. And Haley and Hotch were married so long that they're still probably telepathic--and I bet that's what proves Foyet's undoing (with Haley getting hurt because bravery isn't the same as training).

(You are so not sry)
Vimes = Hotch. Oh how did I miss *that*!!
I've been nervous all season they're going to get Hotch and Haley back together after all this -- because that would be pretty ridiculous at this point -- but I didn't worry too much after the promo last week that they'd kill Haley, just because it seems too obvious, and they hate obvious on this show.

Then again, they don't always do well with their Dramatic Finales, so.
Insta-reaction: wow, they're giving us one-line character sketches!
I can't decide if I'm crabby or not.

They did the thing I kind of expected--the standard TV trope. But. With real consequences.

Because that's how we roll.
The thing with Haley, for me, was that I don't know if I would've been able to believe it if the team (or even just Hotch) had arrived to save her in time. If someone like Foyet was really who they had painted him to be (regarding his viciousness, yes, but also his intelligence), he wouldn't make the usual dumb villain mistake of waiting for the perfect moment - he made the perfect moment, and managed to have Hotch witness it even without being able to do something to save her - actually, that might've been worse for Hotch, since if he was there, there might've been a chance.

I did really like Haley herself though. When she thought their hiding spot had been blown, she allowed herself the briefest of moments after hanging up her phone before taking a deep breath and tossing it into the trash. I also love that Sam told her about Foyet - that she took it upon herself to learn about this man she wouldn't have wanted to even think about, to gain any kind of advantage she could.

And then she held it together in front of Foyet while Hotch was on the phone, even when she was caught offguard by Foyet's "revelation", she forced herself to not react. As soon as Jack left the room she knew what Foyet was going to do, she knew what her chances against him were like, and she weighed the potential of her success (which would only be a success if she were able to save Jack as well) against the possibility that Jack might be drawn back out of his "working the case" by the sounds of a struggle, and she made her decision - but even then, she refused (as much as possible) to show her fear. She made sure Hotch knew that she put the blame where it belonged, and that he would give Jack what she wanted him to have.

I was worried about her being reduced to a powerless 'woman-in-peril', but even though she was killed, she was anything but powerless. She didn't fight - but that's because she chose not to (the way she carried on her conversation with Hotch made it clear to me that she wasn't paralyzed with fear by what was about to happen to her), she grabbed what power she had and choices she could make in her situation and Jack's, and she did (and didn't do) what she wanted to.

I like to think that while Foyet would've enjoyed the affect her death had on Hotch, he wasn't able to enjoy killing her, because she did her best to not give him what he wanted.

Wow. This got long. I hope you don't mind. I find your commentaries/analysis (analyses?) to be very compelling (particularly those regarding CM's depiction of gender and gender roles), and would love to hear your thoughts on this when you have the time.
No, I think you're right. Haley kept her agency throughout, even as a victim (if anything, Hotch lost his more) and she died beautifully. (Which is more than Reid got to do. Although his was less permanent.)

And that is something.

There's a thematic thing CM does, where they show again and again that you can't save anyone. Except yourself. And sometimes the only salvation you can win for yourself is a good death.

She got that.
I totally admit to being a newcomer to Your Show, and I would never have really discovered it if not for the man in the icon. I love it, I've been crazily watching every rerun on every channel I could find.

I agree that Haley died beautifully. I think it reminded him of why he married her and why she meant so much in the first place. It was an amazingly strong death.

I hope there will be consequences not just from him killing Foyet, but from that line about stepping down as a ruse. Poor Morgan, he had that betrayed look and he's not going to forget Hotch said that.

And if I may indulge in a totally fangirl moment, flatline noise notwithstanding, they revived him. A hero like Kassmeyer is too stubborn to die.

Well, Hotch said it's "One of the reasons."

I think Morgan was more startled that Hotch wasn't as coming apart at the seams as he thought--but the team is used to each being tricky. They don't generally do soap-opera misunderstanding drama, because they trust each other more than that. (Though trust is hardest for Morgan, for reasons of character history I won't spoil for you if you haven't seen S2 yet.)

I think there will be BIG repercussions for killing Foyet.