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and the news is just another show

Pre-launch speculation about Criminal Minds episode 100 (5x09) behind the cut...

So I've been fretting all week that My Show is going to disappoint me and fridge Haley. Which is, of course, a possibility, and we're certainly being led to believe so by the advance publicity--and I will find out relatively soon if that is the case.

On the other hand, the very fact that we're being led to believe makes me wonder, because My Show is all about the advance disinformation. Which is something I'm very fond of them for--like David Bowie, they'll cheerfully lie to the press if it seems more interesting.

I'm pretty sure D.B. Sweeney is not making it out of the episode alive, anyway, but I've been wondering about Haley. It's possible that they will kill her off, and irritate me in my feminism in the process--although it would be unusual, CM has been known to make mistakes. It's also possible that they'll kill her off and make me like it. For one thing, Single Dad adds a whole set of layers to Hotch-as-guy-in-female-roles, and it could be exceedingly interesting.

What could also be exceedingly interesting (this is probably the way I would be tempted to go, if I were writing it) is to hurt her badly, and use the experience as a catalyst for character growth for both her and Hotch--her appreciating what his job really is, and him appreciating her position about his workaholic tendencies. Not necessarily bringing them back together as a couple, but offering them a chance to learn compassion for one another.

I don't think that last is beyond the pale. Foyet would want to kill her in front of Hotch, if at all possible--it fits his MO to make the victim watch awful things being done to a loved one. And then there's the issue of Foyet's bond with (and identification with?) Hotch, which Foyet is going to want to explore--and make Hotch feel, as well.

I will be kind of disappointed if Hotch just kills Foyet. It would be the CSI solution, and My Show is better at narrative than CSI.

Well, I'll find out soon enough....

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