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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

Dinner is eated, the guests have gone home, and THE KITCHEN IS CLEAN.

Thanksgiving PWN.


Us, too! We are turning our turkey carcass into soup even now. \o/
The guests were duly drafted along with the machine. Worked out great.
Yes. All were mighty.

I have your purple apron again. *g*
This happens because I have three! At least I didn't bring a peeler to leave.
Your couplet runneth over.
And a lovely Thanksgiving it was! Thank you!
Thank YOU.

We're in about the same state. It's a thing to be thankful for, fersure.
Ah, the amazing joy of a clean kitchen at the end of a day of excellent food cannot be overestimated.

I saw your tweet about a very sad Pixar movie. "Up", no doubt.

Up is a down. But i loved it, i just dont want to see it again.
It was sad. Very very sad.

I am still sad.
If you were elderly, like me, the first half hour might be hard to take.
It was just hard to take all in all.
Yes. i think it was a great work, obvious Oscar bait, and i would just have soon watched Monsters Inc. or Monster House again.. Off to Planet 51 and hope it won't wrench my entrails out.
Clean kitchen is the ultimate Thanksgiving win. (Mine is not quite there yet, but that's because I have a policy against washing dishes after 10pm. Also, who knows when I might want more pie?)