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20090406 005
Radio Paradise has been on a roll this week, I have to say. Stuff I like and stuff I suspect I will grow to like in equal proportions.

Today? More work on "The Unicorn Evils," which stands at 11,400 words, and then eventual climbing. I'm up, fed, showered, yogaed, beteaed, and the dog has been watered, fed, and run around the yard. He's very adamant about being on the sofa today: the floor must be cold. Or maybe he's hoping I will forget that I didn't finish brushing him last night while we were watching Zodiac. (I already knew how it came out, but I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr's pornstache and the incessant seventies porn. I don't think the seventies looked that much like the seventies, if you know what I mean.)

Tea today: Stash Crepe Fair
Teacup today: Gahan Wilson, sometimes the monsters hunt you. (The Jeff and netcurmudgeon refer to this as the Short Form Cthulhu Game.)

In other news, batwrangler has uploaded photos of the infamous Very Deep Deep Dish Apple Pie to her flickr account. So you can see just how impressive this thing actually was.

Here are my photos of its assembly, for context.

I'm afraid I can't offer a recipe, because I used the Boston Cooking School Cookbook pie crust recipe (doubled) and the filling is sort of my own--about six pounds each of Greenings, Northern Spy, and Macoun, cored, peeled, sliced, and par-cooked with limited quantities of brown sugar, vanilla, real (Indonesian) cinnamon, lemon juice, a little butter, and a little salt.

Then I drained off the rendered fluid and reduced it to a syrup, thickening with a few shakes of arrowroot at the end.

Line a springform pan with pie crust, fill with filling, top and seal, bake for over an hour in a medium-slow oven. (call it three hundred degrees, though I bumped it up at the end to get some browning.)
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