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i bargained for salvation and they gave a lethal dose

Today I must:

make shepherd's pie
make carrot cake cupcakes
package up books for mailing
do lurking paperwork

work on "The Unicorn Evils"
record podcast of "The Horrid Glory of Its Wings" for
record podcast of "Knock on Coffins" for Shadow Unit
take dog for walk

clean basement
put away dry laundry
hang up washed laundry
wash unwashed laundry
feed shoggoth and start bread
eat breakfast

...that's probably enough things.

Yeah, I got up at 6 am and that's all I have done. (Actually, it's not, there was dog outs and showering and doing dishes and finding the recording equipment and stuff in there too.)

20090406Breakfast was my Sobas Inautententicos, which is to say, soba noodles in Swanson chicken broth with whatever veggies are kicking around the fridge (pearl onions, tomato, green peas) and garlic, ginger, chili pepper, lime, soy sauce, and a little Thai roasted red chili paste. Inauthentic. But delicious.

20090406 001Tea today is Upton Vanilla. Teacup is The Songbird Neighborhood Watch.
Tags: honeydew, tea, the daily commute

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