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This would be one of those social networking call for assistance things.

ETAJo has enough money to cover the funeral and hospice care for the next few days.

Thank you all so much

This is my dear friend, Johanna, with whom I have been friends since I was in college and she was in high school. She's a member of Who fandom and a costumer and a lot of you probably know her from around the internets or the convention scene.

Her husband, Alex, is dying. Pretty much, right now.

He's been fighting cancer for years, and as you can imagine, their funds are pretty much exhausted. They've moved in with family, and times have been hard.

Jo is asking for financial help to cover the funeral expenses.

You know, if you can chip in, it would be--well, not nice. Nothing about this is nice. But it would be a worthy and charitable thing to do.

Her paypal address is
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