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i got the moon. i got the cheese. i got the whole damn nation on their knees.

Right. Only two things left on that to-do list, and they can be done in bed while drinking Chartreuse. I think I'll get right on that.

523 words on "The Unicorn Evils."

So tomorrow's to-do list is....

blog about Lovecraft
bio and photo
make sponge for bread
work on "The Unicorn Evils" or Grail
cat to vet
post office
buy replacement bulbs for holiday lights
clean kitchen
sweep floor
mop floor
fold laundry

record some more "Knock on Coffins"

...fall the hell over.

Ongoing to do:

clean refrigerator
make bread dough
bake bread dough
fold laundry
write rec letters

I have too much cream left from Thanksgiving. I need to make something in an alfredo sauce.
Tags: honeydew, the glamour!

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