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ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes at last

Thank you, Earwormmonger stillsostrange. And congratulations on finishing your draft!20090406 001

alankria, a longtime member of this community has alerted me to another fandom rescue project. A friend of hers in the Philippines is in dire need of assistance, or will find herself homeless through what seems to be no fault of her own. I urge you to read and consider if you can help.

Alex, dancingshaman, died last night while so many of you were being so generous to his wife and best friend, britgeekgrrl. Not quite ten years ago, I was a witness as they renewed their vows in a small private ceremony the day after I married kit_kindred. Kit and I are no longer a couple, of course, but--I guess what I want to say is thank you all for making this easier for Johanna. Alex was much beloved by many, for good reason.

Grief is private; compassion is grace. Thank you.

Up this morning in time for ball-throwing for sunrise again, which is less of an accomplishment this time of year than, say, July. There was frost on the grass today, and the town has finally come to vacuum the leaves. I guess I will be putting off further recording until tonight when it's dark and still. Unless there is another round of Dog Telegraph.

Tea today: Gunpowder Green
Teacup today: My aged University of Connecticut mug, old enough that it has the old UConn logo on it. However much of it is left.

And now, to drink some of it, eat a muffin, and beard that to-do list.

Ahh, the glamorous life of the writer!
Tags: tea, the daily commute, the glamour!
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