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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu (sorta) going to hurt ivan & h

the blood on the ice ran down through the years

For all the hockey fans in my life. And everybody who is not particularly good at remembering his or her role.

Hang in there, tigers.


This has been a favorite Zevon song of mine ever since I first heard it couple years ago. Baseball as metaphor for life has been overdone in this country for decades. I cannot recall any other time hockey has been used as one.
"Flying", Stan Rogers.
Great song!

And you know, the protagonist paid for his victory. I bet that was a big Finn.
The little kind are not any nicer.
And getting cold-cocked at all is not a joyous occasion.
I miss Zevon.
Yah. He's good at that perspective thing.
Our enforcer, Derek Boogaard (the Boogey Man!), is seriously hot. I mean seriously. Doesn't even have to have a playoff beard to be hot. (Which, this year, is maybe a good thing...sigh.) He is the missing third brother to be cast as a god with Tahmoh Penikett and Jim True-Frost. And I so want him to score one this season, because he's gone so damned long, and he's such a good guy, always a team player, always a clean fighter.

I'm not a hockey follower myself, but I love listening to y'all talk.
I was going to find you a nice picture so you didn't have to know anything about hockey, you could just admire the hotness. Instead I found a not especially flattering picture of Boogaard signing a baby. Oh, my state. Oh, how I love you, my state. "When I see a 6'8" hockey bruiser, I think, 'autograph my infant!'" Glorious, glorious home of mine.
...I concur that your winger is hot.

I will pass the memo to my boys to only check him below the cute bits.
If you get a full-length view of the man in a suit, you will see that he is made entirely of cute bits.

Cute bits are surprisingly effective in a fight, apparently.
Hmm. I might have to discuss that with the boys, then. We gotta maintain our standards of truculence around here, dontcha know.
Oh, that is so cute. Man, baby, and situation.
Next time I can get you and lollardfish in Mpls at the same time, I'll get him to sing his cover of this for you. He does a great version of it.

"Hit Somebody" might sometimes be what I yell at my son when he is in a game... (I would *never* yell at the ice. Particularly embarrassing nicknames).

<3 of course not.

Best day ever.
Here on coffeeem's suggestion. Man, I love this song. &hearts
I didn't know this song -- thank you! (I can't figure out if it's the voice or the story, or both plus tiredness, that made me cry.)