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bear by san

March 2017



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Good climbing night, for all I walked in out of sorts and sore. Floundered on a 5.8 I have sailed up before, but then nailed the next one and got a new one in the corner/in the chimney, a balancy stemmy route that's all opposition, and which includes some freaking cheerleader splits at the top. There is one actual handhold that's not a palm on the whole route.

Then I did some easy stuff, a nice 5.6 in the front corner and a new 5.6 on the slab, which I then downclimbed and did no hands. Go me!

And that was enough.

The Nice Dr. Pomper called--my mom talked to him; I was (obviously) out. He says there is nothing wrong with the PC... physically... so we are happy about that.
And now, back to the to-do list, this time in bed with tea.


Glad the Ebil One is healthy.
My congratulations to Presumptuous on the good medical news, then!
Yay for Presumptuous Cat!
I'm glad the Complaint Department is physically well, although behavioral issues can be more difficult to handle. I mean, you ARE working with diva ("Do you know who I am?").
Totally working with Diva. *g*
Kitty Prozac really does work. I had to go down that road with one neurotic kitty. I think it took about six months on the meds and then she was fine without, no further cat pee issues.
Today we call the vet and talk about the possibility.

it's mostly a matter of breaking the cycle, with this one--she's done this once or twice before, and getting her out of the habit seems to be enough. The trick, of course, is getting her out of the habit.
You could embarrass her terribly by getting her some kitty diapers, but then she'd probably kill you in your sleep.