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Good climbing night, for all I walked in out of sorts and sore. Floundered on a 5.8 I have sailed up before, but then nailed the next one and got a new one in the corner/in the chimney, a balancy stemmy route that's all opposition, and which includes some freaking cheerleader splits at the top. There is one actual handhold that's not a palm on the whole route.

Then I did some easy stuff, a nice 5.6 in the front corner and a new 5.6 on the slab, which I then downclimbed and did no hands. Go me!

And that was enough.

The Nice Dr. Pomper called--my mom talked to him; I was (obviously) out. He says there is nothing wrong with the PC... physically... so we are happy about that.
And now, back to the to-do list, this time in bed with tea.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, presumptuous cat
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