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1576 words today, some on a blog post for; the balance on "The Unicorn Evils."

I've donated a tuckerization to the TAFF fan fund auctions. Yes, you can win naming rights to a character in something I am writing--for charity!

Auctions close on the 7th, and I am not alone!!! There are more here.

My review of nojojojo's forthcoming first novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is here. (as is the rest of a new issue of Ideomancer. I have some reservations, but overall, a very fine first novel.

My review of Fantastic Mr. Fox is here, at Likewise, some reservations. But who would I be if I had none?

In other news, the honeydew never ends.

Crap, this week, what IS is?

Rest of the week:

pay phone bill
call vet
and pick up script
write year in review thingy
think about Secrit Project email from kyle
tax paperwork
stuff for ROF
wash charred stuff out of self-cleaned stove
make bread dough
fold laundry
package other books
write rec letters
podcast contract
lift weights
bake bread
grocery shop
convert bones in freezer to stock: duck, turkey, lamb

clean refrigerator (TBRE says she will do this yayz!)

brush dog
record some more "Knock on Coffins"
post office
write "The Unicorn Evils"
yoga (x3 x2 x1)
run (x2 x1)

make miso (friday)
make something in an alfredo sauce (saturday)
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