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bear by san

March 2017



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writing whiskey soul

gotta get behind the mule in the morning and plow

20090406 002 Still chugging away at that to-do list. Will be taking a break tonight to go have dinner with netcurmudgeon and ashacat.

Just about to start invoicing things. If I could have one wish, it would be a paperwork fairy. I could be so much more productive if I didn't have paperwork.

I am minded of Henry in The Lion in Winter, ranting that he could have conquered all of europe if he hadn't had women in his life. I wonder what the women of the world would have accomplished over the years if it hadn't been for men, babies, and paperwork?

Tea today: Upton  Chai
Teacup: Teddy bears

In addition, some of britgeekgrrl's friends are running a charity auction for her. I'm offering a copy of the uber-rare out of print impossible to find limited edition of New Amsterdam (with chapbook). If you wanted one and didn't get it, here's a chance to do a little good and fulfill that acquisitive urge.


Thank you.

I'm just sorry I'm three thousand miles away, you know?


The Jeff sends his condolences and affection, BTW. I told him he could email you, but you know how he is.
I wonder what the women of the world would have accomplished over the years if it hadn't been for men, babies, and paperwork?

Heh. Maybe. But with markgritter out of town and the having a kid idea on hold at least until I can walk unassisted and the fabulous book contracts not pouring in, I'm feeling like I could use a bit more of each of the above. And it's not really one of those situations where having other women share some of theirs would help!
I would totally volunteer to be your paperwork faery! :)
I think without men and babies, we'd solve all the problems of the world, and then be really bored for a while. And, ya know, die out as a species.
...you know, there's not a lot of bad there. *g*
Your header just made me remember that, oh, while I knew that Tom Waits could write some melancholy songs, I never knew he'd done a tearjerker, which probably comes of my buying The Mule Variations back when it came out but not actually listening to the whole thing until recently...

"The House where Nobody Lives." Dear god, "The House where Nobody Lives." Getting all verklempt again...
Somebody once called Waltzing Mathilda/Four Sheets To The Wind I nCopenhagen the saddest song ever written.

they might be right.