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and the boys of the nypd choir were singing galway bay

Well, very little work accomplished yesterday, but we did get a christmas tree bought and erected, and snow shovels and ice melt--and just in time! Ace 20090406 008the Wonder Dog would like to register his disappointment that apparently this new house also suffers from an infestation of that nasty white stuff, which he was hoping would not trouble him here. (His first house was in Florida. He has not quite forgiven New England for its winters.)

Yes, our tree was spawned of a hell dimension.

Decorating the tree was kind of an emotional experience for me, because these ornaments have been in storage since 2002, and they all (of course) have memories attached.

20090406 004Meanwhile, this morning, the Complaint Department brought me a glitterball, which was both a lovely gesture and made me realize that she has been increasingly anhedonic for a while now. Because the glitterball deliveries were never what you would call regular, but they were occasional, and I can't remember the last one.

So it appears the kitty diazepam is working as it should, and she's feeling less stressed and more playful.

She even let the kjitten get away with patting her on the head this morning.

Of course the downside of this is more jumping on my face in the middle of the night.

I feel like I am a bad kitty mom, and I should have noticed that she was more stressed out than I realized before she resorted to domestic terrorism.

Meanwhile, the GRD is working on his levitation:

20090406 007

If only he can figure out how to get all four paws up at once, he'll have this licked.
Tags: fearless kjitten, giant ridiculous dog, presumptuous cat, putting the x back in xmas

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