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your vampire mirrors face to face

20090406 005

Well, the MMPB of Hell and Earth is in the house, which means that it should be available in bookstores Any Minute Now. Or possibly tomorrow. The official Book Day was November 30th, which I think I managed to miss because it was supposed to be out in January and I hadn't heard that the pub date changed. (The glamorous life of the writer, right there.)

So there it is,the Promethean Age, complete as it is ever likely to be, available in mass market paperback for the time being, at least. Perfect for holiday gift-giving! And hey, no telling how long it will stay in print. Might as well buy the lot now. ;-)

Seriously, I think these two books--Ink and Steel and Hell and Earth, collectively known as The Stratford Man, are probably my best work. They're certainly my most ambitious, and I still get a little frisson every time I handle a copy. I love this duology so much.

While we're talking about changes in publication dates, by the way, Tor informs me that The Sea thy Mistress is being pushed back to December of next year. Which is probably a more advantageous date for me (holiday and library sales!) but means you guys have to wait an extra month and a half or so for it. I am very sorry; it wasn't my decision.

By the way, if you were curious, here's the complete brag shelf in all its glory:

20090406 004

I even dusted it for you.
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