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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

it's about alice. and the restaurant.


Lap desk dog.

Yes, that is a lavender unicorn he's snuggling with.

2259 words on Grail, resulting in a total Microsoft wordcount of 25,500, or 127 pages in manuscript format. One quarter of a book, according to Microsoft, or--according to the manuscript count, nearly a third of a book. Man, we might get through this thing after all.

127 / 400 pages. 32% done!

tyop du jour: "martian tradition"


Now I've got to put some things in envelopes and maybe go to the post office, though that might get put off until tomorrow.


tyop du jour: "martian tradition"

back home they are pleased you are learning our traditions.
Man does he have fabulous hair. Never can tell which part of the dog I'm seeing unless the nose shows. ;) Gotta congratulate you on the grooming regimen.

That's an ear off to the extreme right.
I'll take your word for it. I think the hair on his back as about as long as mine.

Thanks for sharing him with us.
But what about the twenty-seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one?

We saw Arlo and family last week. In Newark. No, they didn't do Alice's Restaurant, but they did do City of New Orleans and This Land is Your Land.

Arlo can absolutely tell a story.
Arlo lives about a mile and a half from my folks. He has an office in a nearby strip mall, and the sign above the door just says "Folksinger".
Somehow, that sounds like a sign of a better society ahead.
I now want to write a story around your typo.
It's yours.
That looks like a useful combination of lap-top rest and heating system.
Bit bony, and a little too tall for good ergo. *g*
...I am become Alice, owner of restaurants.
Ah... you don't need them self-healing fingers after all ;-) Congrats on reaching 25K.


So, that little smidgen of red - is that a collar?
That anonymous question about the smidgen of red? the one that's still being held for moderation? That was me. Erm. Forgot I wasn't logged in on this computer.
It is a collar. *g*
You know, I think we have the miniature rabbit version of the GRD. Ours is a little more portable, though I don't think that makes him any easier to groom . . .
That beast has an evil glare, for something with no eyes. *g*
"You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant."

I found a clip on Youtube of this (all 18 minutes and some change) for Thanksgiving and watched it twice :D.