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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid purple shirt

all together sister machine gun automatic high what a ride

matociquala: okay, I just have to find an in to this scene.
matociquala: It does not appear to be in KMFDM.
matociquala: Who wants to break it to Sascha that "relax" and "complex" don't rhyme?
stillsostrange: I think that's Pig
matociquala: You're probably right.
matociquala: Who writes the lyrics? *g*
stillsostrange: Check the liner notes. :P
matociquala: Alas. Virtual music.
matociquala: I will ask the internets!

...I have 353 words on Grail and given my Cabdriver Protocol*, I think I may have to just give this up as a bad job today and go play Bejweled or something.

*Cabdriver Protocol: a work ethic that suggests that, rather than knocking off early when you've made good progress and toiling harder when you haven't, it is more productive to work hard when things are happening (ie, you are getting fares) and give yourself a break when they are not (nobody is riding). So named because the original research was done on cabdrivers.


Hmmm, I suspect the Cabdriver Protocol would be a much more useful approach to my work than what I have been doing. Of course, allowances for deadlines must also be made somehow...
Well, sure.

One of those is "don't put it off until the last second."
Thank you for Cabdriver Protocol, a useful notion. I was brought up on what I suspect is a corollary: if it isn't easy, it's impossible. Therefore if it isn't impossible, go for it!
Of course I read it as "cadaver protocol".

I got all your words today..
I thought only cabdrivers that made more money followed that protocol. Rookie and poor cabdrivers worked the same numbers of hours every day.

Does cabdriver protocol = make hay while the sun shines?
You have provided me with the perfect description of my work habits. I always thought of it as the "Zen Archery" approach - "practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect". In other words, when it ain't working, it ain't working, so take a break. It'll start working again sometime soon, and you can make up for lost time then.

But I like "Cabdriver Protocol".

Of course, when I try to make it work and it just won't, I waste plenty materials and, on occasion, run the risk of work-related injury.


was working on drunkeness while listening to old, old Skinny Puppy and googled 'all together, sister machine gun'

and somehow found this site that links to Dr Reed (sp)? (from Criminal Minds)

then realized it was someone's avatar.

we may have things in common

This is indeed my blog, which is somewhat random. *g* Hello there.