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all together sister machine gun automatic high what a ride

matociquala: okay, I just have to find an in to this scene.
matociquala: It does not appear to be in KMFDM.
matociquala: Who wants to break it to Sascha that "relax" and "complex" don't rhyme?
stillsostrange: I think that's Pig
matociquala: You're probably right.
matociquala: Who writes the lyrics? *g*
stillsostrange: Check the liner notes. :P
matociquala: Alas. Virtual music.
matociquala: I will ask the internets!

...I have 353 words on Grail and given my Cabdriver Protocol*, I think I may have to just give this up as a bad job today and go play Bejweled or something.

*Cabdriver Protocol: a work ethic that suggests that, rather than knocking off early when you've made good progress and toiling harder when you haven't, it is more productive to work hard when things are happening (ie, you are getting fares) and give yourself a break when they are not (nobody is riding). So named because the original research was done on cabdrivers.

Tags: all knowledge is contained in lj, chatroom transcripts, help me internets you're my only hope, the writer at work

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