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they'll never want to see a rake or a plow, and who the deuce can parley-vous a cow?

20090406 008 Ahh, tea. Today's tea is gunpowder green mixed with peppermint, as a cure for shoveling. Today's teacup is Paraphilias Involving Bunnies, which I have had since just before college.

Today's morning temperature is 32 degrees on the dot.

And now I am on the job, having been up since seven doing needful snow-related things (and making tea).

It was pretty out there--white snow, black dog, grey morning. (Wasn't that a Joy Chant book back in the day? I should really reread The Grey Mane of Morning one of these years.)

Here, have a holiday card image:
20090406 005

And here's one I took for buymeaclue, in which we can see how inconvenient a long coat can be in heavy snow:
20090406 006
Tags: everybody talks about the weather, giant ridiculous dog, snowpocalypse now, tea, the daily commute, the writer at work
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