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I have a TV show that makes Phil & Kaja Foglio jokes. This is my world, and I am living in it.

Criminal Minds 5x10, "The Slave of Duty," written by Rick Dunkle, directed by Charles Haid.

pathetic fallacy! Good thing the rain cleared up before the funeral. (Rain at it lifting seems to be a theme this ep.)

And there's everybody's favorite guest star: Spencer Reid's purple scarf.

Aw man. Okay, I managed to keep the waterworks off through the funeral until Hotch lost it. And then Morgan made that little gasping noise and it was all over.

David Rossi, not the guy I would go to for parenting advice.

Morgan knows about losing parents to violence. "Take care of your son."

"Nuttin." JJ, queen of my heart.

"Yes Ma'am." I love the COTW. He can come back any time. (Barack Obama is the cop of the week?)

"Home is where you're supposed to feel safe. Nobody deserves to have that taken away." Ahem. Refrain, drink, hello, Ghost Of Elle. Also, what about Hotch's home?

"Sir Derek." Indeed he is. And rocking being the Man In Charge. Big bro has totally stepped up to take his place as co-head of household, and I bet he's going to be continuing in that role even with Hotch's imminent return.

Derek in charge is also awesome because UNLIKE EVERY OTHER UNIT CHIEF AROUND HERE Derek apparently makes sure his team sleeps and is fed on a regular basis. GO DEREK MORGAN.

Doubtful Rossi is doubtful.

And Strauss is lovely. Yes, I said it. She's fantastic--she too, trying to take care of Hotch in any way she can.

"Look for a man who have lost loved ones or gone through a messy divorce." THEMATIC STATEMENT ONE-LOVE

All of the victims in this ep rock. Agency, strength of purpose, presence of mind. Good girls.

Grant the boyfriend fails serial killer 101, though: foolish boy. When something creepy is happening, hold on to your cell.

Reid cracks the case! Except... four cars? I'm with JJ. Or is he already adding in Grant's and the current victim's to the two impounded ones?

Rossi talks about stab wounds; Reid winces.

Jessica win. Aw, man. She totally made me choke up. She's awesome.

"I'm a Girl Genius." Honey, you are a Spark.

Rossi is still scuttlebutt man.
And Derek Morgan is a minor deity. He is indeed God. And he answers. (Ask Reid.)

It hurts ME to watch Reid stumping down stairs. And JJ and Reid crack the case! again! JJ, of course, thinks of the heels. Of course, she can kill entire packs of feral dogs in high heels, but she is a superhero.

And Reid is in his steampunk private investigator costume. I bet he cosplays.

This is a really nice team episode--nobody is getting the narrative focus: we're just seeing our people work as a group.

Ooo, takeout. See? Derek feeds his people.

"It hit your inbox 60 seconds ago." Garcia win! Also, Penelope, you are looking particularly lovely this episode.

PSA: America, lock your back doors

Nice KICK, Emily. Whew, some backstory trauma there. Compartmentalization Girl just suffered a major compartmentalization fail. Like catastrophic. I wonder if it has something to do with her nonexistent father. This is her world we're moving in, after all--her society. The victims reflect her and the people she grew up with.

And something set her off in a way we have never seen her set off before. And the rest of the team standing around looking a little freaked out. Is this our Emily? She seemed so nice.

"You don't survive something like that without scars." Thematic statement. In case we missed Emily ripping the guy's lips off. So Hotch has had his turn in the barrel, and it's Emily's turn? Elle, Reid, Gideon, Hotch-- yeah, I'd say it's somebody else's turn.

And Rossi, like a bad penny. You could bug the guy after he leaves the grave.

...okay, I'm extremely happy with that.

I would just like to say that, looking ahead, I am totally geeked that they are doing an episode entitled "The Uncanny Valley" and i really wish I knew who was writing/directing. And I am also geeked that Jim Clemente is doing another ep for them. Win.
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